Fruit Crop Production MCQ

Fruit Crop Production MCQ

Fruit Crop Production MCQ is the part of Pomology Multiple Choice Questions. This post includes questions from the scientific cultivation of the major and minor fruit crops.

Quiz: Fruit crop multiple choice questions
Type: Objective questions
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Latest update: 29-09-2021


(1). Cultivation practice of mango
(2). Cultivation practice of guava
(3). Cultivation practice of apple
(4). Cultivation practice of banana
(5). Cultivation practice of papaya
(6). Cultivation practice of citrus
(7). Cultivation practice of pomegranate
(8). Cultivation practice of aonla
(9). Cultivation practice of almond
(10). Cultivation practice of peach
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Fruit crop production mcq multiple choice questions

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Question 01. Which is not a cause of clustering in mango?

(a). Improper pollination.
(b). Poor fertilization.
(c). High temperature.
(d). Low temperature.

Question 02. Mango is the national tree of..

(a). India.
(b). Pakistan.
(c). Philippines.
(d). Bangladesh.

Question 03. What was th worldwide production of apple fruit in 2018?

(a). 70 million tonnes.
(b). 86 million tonnes.
(c). 90 million tonnes.
(d). 102 million tonnes.

Question 04. The country which is leading in apple fruit production..

(a). India.
(b). Japan.
(c). China.
(d). Mongolia.

Question 05. What is the spacing for high density banana planting?

(a). 1.2 m × 1.2 m.
(b). 1.5 m × 1.5 m.
(c). Both a and b.
(d). 0.5 m × 0.5 m.

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Question 06. Nendran is specially cultivated in..

(a). Kerala and Tamil Nadu.
(b). Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu.
(c). Tamil Nadu and Karnataka.
(d). Karnataka and Maharashtra.

Question 07. The developer of kinnow fruit..

(a). H. B. Frost.
(b). M. Devi.
(c). Karl Eresky.
(d). None of the above.

Question 08. …. is the seedless variety of acid lime

(a). Pramalini.
(b). Chakradhar.
(c). Sai sarbati.
(d). Mithachikna.

Question 09. …. bears flowers and fruits during whole year?

(a). Star fruit.
(b). Custard apple.
(c). Wood apple.
(d). Coromandel ebony.

Question 10. What is the plant population of pusa nanha?

(a). 2000 plants per ha.
(b). 4000 plants per ha.
(c). 6000 plants per ha.
(d). 8000 plants per ha.

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Question 11. Fruit yield is higher in..

(a). Mrig bahar pomegranate.
(b). Hasta bahar p pomegranate.
(c). Ambe bahar pomegranate.
(d). All of the above.

Question 12. Pomegranate is a..

(a). Deciduous fruiting shrub.
(b). Evergreen fruiting shrub.
(c). Semi deciduous fruiting shrub.
(d). Some varieties are deciduous.

Question 13. Family of pomegranate is..

(a). Rutaceae.
(b). Anacardiaceae.
(c). Myrtaceae.
(d). Lythraceae.

Question 14. Crop regulation is a essential practice in..

(a). Guava.
(b). Pomegranate.
(c). Mango.
(d). Banana.

Question 15. Vitamin ‘C’ content in aonla is..

(a). 200 mg/g.
(b). 300 mg/g.
(c). 600 mg/g.
(d). 700 mg/g.

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Question 16. The causal organism of peach leaf curl disease is..

(a). Botryosphaeriaobtusa.
(b). Armillaria mellea.
(c). Taphrina deformans.
(d). Helminthosporium papulosum.

Question 17. The origin place of tuono almond is..

(a). England.
(b). Australia.
(c). Croatia.
(d). Italy.

Question 18. Hybrid-45 is a variety of..

(a). Peach.
(b). Guava.
(c). Pear.
(d). Papaya.

Question 19. Nectarines are the bud sports of..

(a). Pear.
(b). Apple.
(c). Plum.
(d). Peach.

Question 20. Which country is the biggest produce of plum.

(a). Tajikistan.
(b). Mongolia.
(c). China.
(d). Azerbaijan.

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