Future and Scope in Agriculture

Future and Scope in Agriculture

It is sure, and undoubtedly the GDP of all the developing and developed countries is influenced by the agricultural sectors. And, it is the integral component of the annual plan of any state or central government.

Agriculture is the backbone of many Asian and African countries. It is the base of rural populations of countries like India, Pakistan, Indonesia and others.

This is the reason why everyone seek opportunity in the field of agriculture. Hence, we can say “Agriculture has broad scope”.

Profession of agriculture is known as Agribusiness (farming business). And, each year thousands of people try their luck in farming.

But, the question is, ‘Is Agriculture or Farming a Right Choice?’

And, at the end why this question arises?

We will see both sides of this topic..

Jobs in Agriculture and Horticulture

See: List of Government Jobs in Agriculture

See: List of Government Jobs in Horticulture

(1). The Front Side of Agriculture or Farming

  1. No special degree or diploma is required.
  2. Can be started with few resources.
  3. A very good model of regular income can be established.
  4. It is a never ending option of employment.


More than the 99% farmers from villages don’t have any special degree related with agriculture. There are many opportunities for villagers.

Many choose agriculture as their profession, although with small holdings.

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It requires few resources such as a piece of land and a source of water, that’s it. Other resources, e.g., seeds, manure, fertilizer etc., can be managed with limited budget.

A Model of Recurring Income

A very good model of recurring income can be developed. IFS or Integrated Farming System is such a model which can generate recurring income.

Never Ending Option of Employment

Nowadays jobs are in trend after getting college degrees, specially government jobs. But, it is fact that 1 from thousands or lakhs will get this opportunity.

A person having government jobs are worshiped in countries like India. No body want to enroll in private jobs.

So, here agriculture becomes an option of employment for whom those don’t get government job, if they want to progress with it.

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(2). Opposite Side of Agriculture

There are lots of legal things to do in this world. And, after some points in their life all people (men and women) face a serious dilemma, which is selection of career, and it applies in all fields.

And, it becomes more difficult when it comes to agriculture or farming.

This question can bother any one because farming requires hard work, but the success is not a guarantee.

You would have seen following headlines in may news papers:

News related with vegetable farming

“This man earns 1 crore from 1 acre of his land using this method..”

Reality: 1 crore from 1 acre is a false statement. It is unrealistic because we are talking about farming not about any chemical which is produced intensively inside a lab.

News related with organic manure

“The man who earns 10 lakhs monthly by producing organic manure in a small  space of …. square meter(s)”

Reality: There is no reality.

News related with flower production and ornamental gardening?

“Production of this ornamental flower can become you rich”

Real life example

Here is a real life example a farmer

(I will not mention his name nor the name of news agency)

The farmer took tomato as major crop. He raised plants for 1 acre of land, and it was without the implementation of any advanced technology such as drip irrigation or mulch.

What was the story?

  1. He invested 10 thousand INR for tomato production.
  2. Investment was done for seeds, ploughing, pesticides and for labour cost.
  3. It was total investment during whole cultivation period.
  4. The farmer sold harvested products in nearby (local) market.

Now comes the turn of news and hype

What did local news agency highlighted on the front page of the news paper?

Farmer M.Y. is a progressive farmer of his area. He took help from horticulture department. Mr. M.Y. sold sold all the products locally, and earned 75,000 INR. Another farmers should take advice from him to get success in farming

So, the net benefit was 650000 INR after deducting the cost of investment.

What did farmer say to me?

  1. I invested 10 thousands INR.

That was true and right.

  1. Sold all products at whole rate.
  2. Total income was 30,000 INR, and the net benefit has been 20,000 INR after excluding the initial investment.

That was the real thing.

Now, we will try to know the following thing:

(1). When to do it?
(2). When not to it?

When to do it?

It becomes right choice when…

You have more than the enough resources

Why am I telling this, because..

  1. With less resources e.g., small farm holding, you can produce only for your own use.
  2. Investment for management practice will always be higher than the net income.
  3. There should be more than enough resources for commercial farming.
  4. I’m saying it again – “don’t believe on YouTube videos”.

Example: One of my friend who is a big farmer answered me about  my question…

“There is very small margin. We are practicing crop production in 42 acres of land with 20 regular labors.

Much of the income are reinvested in the maintenance of farm and paying farm labors.

But, we are still in profit because in this piece of land we produce enough vegetables which give us aggregate mony to achieve goal.

Right selection

What is right selection?

We all know what is right selection. I’m not talking about the selection between two professions, I’m taking about component and resources. Yo van go ahead to commercial agriculture if your selected resources are available easily.

For Example – If you have resources and doing farming in problematic piece of land, then you will fail miserably.

You do proper cost benefit analysis

What is cost benefit analysis?

The cost benefit analysis is the calculation which give us an idea about investment which is to be done, and a targeted income which is to be achieved in near future.

With cost benefit analysis, you can take a very good calculated risk.

You do good Market Research

In farming, the most simple task is production, while the most difficult part is its marketing. Without proper marketing nobody can even recover invested amount.

You use advanced technologies in farming.

Drip Irrigation

Drip irrigation is very important when it comes to the commercial production of vegetable as well as flower crops.

It the most efficient way of irrigation to save water and to cut extra expenses in irrigation once installed.


Mulch reduces farm expense by controlling weed and saving soil moisture.

Way to minimise extra costs

  1. Take advantage of departmental schemes.
  2. Use local resources.


  1. Don’t go for extensive farming at first.
  2. Do it in a small piece of land.
  3. Dont listen to You-Tubers, they don’t even know about basics of agriculture. They don’t have practical knowledge.
  4. Also, don’t go with news papers…. to just to follow their words blindly.
  5. Choose the crop to raise which returns good margin.
  6. Choose the crop species with high yield potential.

Final Answer fo ‘Is Agriculture or Farming a Right Choice’?

Right Choice: When you have > family support, Big holdings for commercial farming, approach to labours, knowledge of market.

Wrong Choice?

(In reference to ‘we are talking about career in farming or farming as a career)

  1. When you are marginal or small farmer.
  2. When your farm is going to depend only on farm labours.
  3. You are planning to do it desperately, because you don’t have other option.

Don’t think this > “I will start from scratch and make it big”. It will never work because miracles happens rarely, I don’t thik it will shower on you.

Other Questions

Question 01. Which is better? farming or Job?

Answer. It is on you.

Question 02. Can we become rich doing farming?

Answer: No. No one can become rich doing farming.

Question 03. What are the components of Integrated Farming System?

Answer: Components of Integrated farming system are as follows..

  1. Dairy farming unit.
  2. Fish farming unit.
  3. Crop production unit.
  4. Poultry farming unit.
  5. Goat farming unit.
  6. Manure production unit, eg., Production of Vermicompost.

Question 04. How Integrated Farming System generates recurring income?

Answer: Integrated Farming System consists many basic components, and a particular component can give outcome at a specific time. This specific component should be included.

For example:

  1. Production of vermicompost – It will give income all season.
  2. Milk production – It will give income all season.
  3. Crop production – Kharif, Rabi and Zaid are the three cropping season. These are part of IFS, and all give decent income.

Question 05. Give some examples of government schemes?

Answer: Examples of government schemes are as follows:

  1. Dairy farming.
  2. Goat farming.
  3. Fish farming.
  4. Orchard establishment.
  5. Poultry farming etc.

Explanation of Post Related Words?


GDP stand for ‘Gross Domestic Product’. It measures the market value of the products.

A country’s GDP tells its standing in international stage. High living standard is always in High GDP countries.

Agricultural Sectors

The allied sectors of agriculture are as follows:

  1. Animal husbandry.
  2. Fisheries or fish farming.
  3. Agro forestry.
  4. Horticulture.

Recurring Income

A type of income which comes to beneficiary on a fixed time.

Example- Salary in government job is a type of recurring income.

Marginal farmer

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A farmer with less than the 2.5 acres of land is known as marginal farmer.

Small farmer

Main post: Small Farmer landholding

A farmer with 2.5 – 5 .0 acres of land is known as small farmer.

Big Farmer

Main post: Big farmer landholding

A farmer with more than the 5.0 acre of land is known as big farmer.


IFS stands for Integrated Farming System. It is a model of farming in which different components of agriculture and its allied sectors are include present.

In this system the loss of one unit can be covered by other units of the model.

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