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01: Tobacco (1987) is considered the first transgenic crop.

02: USA has the first position in transgenic crops

03: The rank of India transgenic plants is fourth

04: The position of transgenic plant in world is soyabean (60%) > Maize > Cotton > Canola

05: The Bt cotton variety Bollgourd II contains both genes of Cry I Ac and Cry 2 Ab gene.

06: The first commercial Bt cotton variety (bollgard) was released by Monsanto a company based in USA. It contained Cry 1Ac gene of B. thuringiensis.

Bt. cotton

08: Following countries have released Bt. cotton variety

  • Mahyco
  • Nath Seeds
  • Rasi Seeds
  • Nuziveedu
  • Ankur Seeds
  • Ganga Kaveri
  • Emergent Genetics
  • JK Seeds
  • Ajeet Seeds
  • Prabhat Seeds Ltd.
  • Krishidhan Seeds
  • Tulasi Seeds
  • Vikram Seeds
  • Pravardhan Seeds

09: Aphid is the most serious pest of Bt. cotton

10: B. thuringensis is a soil bacterium that produces proteins lethal to insect larvae affecting the digestive system of bollworms.

11: GM cotton was permitted by Genetic Engineering Approval Committee under Ministry of Environment and Forestry on March, 2002.

12: Bt. cotton varieties by Mahyco are as follows

  • MECH-12
  • MECH-162
  • MECH-184
  • RCH-134
  • RCH-138

GM mustard and golden rice

13: GM mustard is a glyphosate resistance mustard.

14: The glyphosate resistance GM mustard was developed by Pro-Agro Seed Company.

15: Varieties developed of Brassica juncea at TERI are as follows

  • TERI-unnat
  • TERI-uttam

16: Vitamin A is the major component of golden rice.

17: Golden rice is rich in Beta carotene.

18: The consumption of golden rice has also increased the risk of diarrhea and mortality in children.

19: Flavr savr is a GM tomato by Calgene

20: Flavr savr is known for the following things

  • Improved shelf-life
  • Fungal resistance
  • Viscosity

21: Flavr Savr is also known as CGN-89564-2.

22: Calgene scientists used Agrobacterium tumefaciens to transfer genetic material into Flavr Savr plant cells.