GM Potato Varieties (Cultivars)

What is GM potato?

GM POTATO is genetically modified species/cultivar of potato. The technology used behind it, is known as “Genetic Engineering”. It is a technology used to modify the genomic(gene) sequence in a plant. The technology is applied in the field of Plant Breeding and Genetic Engineering.

In this post we will know about the GM Potato and its varieties .

General Info.: GM Potato

TypeGenetically Modified Potato
UsesResearch and Food Industries
Tech. UsedGenetic engineering
Related FieldPlant breeding


2. Cultivars/Varieties of GM Potato

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1. Objectives

1. To develop pests resistant varieties: Crop damages and low production are the major concern. Potato is a staple food. It is a major component of food processing industries. High quality tubers are necessary for food processing. It is possible by developing pest resistant varieties.

2. Altering some chemicals (useful to producers): The GM potato cultivar should contain beneficial chemicals. For example, a cultivar containing anti solanine compound may help in reducing solanine compound from the tubers.

3. To produce large amount of starch : Potato is a staple food. It covers a significant portion of food processing industries. We have to produce as many tubers as possible for industrial use.

2. Cultivars/Varieties of GM Potato

2.1 Innate GM Potato

1. USDA (United State Department of Agriculture) and USFDA.

2. Came in market in 2014-2015. It a very popular due to media.

3. It was developed by John Richard Simplot Compan.

4. Against: blackspot, bruising and browning. Blackspot is a plant disease. Bruising is a physiological injury, while browning is a result of miscellaneous causes.

5. GE Technology: RNA interference.

6. It is used for food purpose. The main purpose of production this cultivar was to meet the daily requirement of potato.

7. United States of America is its main producer. Currently, it is being marketed.

2.2 NewLeaf

1. It was the first GM Potato by Monsanto.

2. It effective against the Colorado potato beetle.

3. The technology behind it was B. thuringiensis.

4. No production in recent years. Currently, it is not being produced.

2.3 Amflora

1. EH92-527-1 was developed by Baden Aniline and Soda Factory.

2. Objective was to produce waxy starch.

3. Currently, it is not being produced.

Genetic engineering is future. It is the need of future. There would be no surprise with the invention of new GM cultivars. India is also working in this direction. We all know how effective is GM cotton against the harmful pests of cotton family.

The main concern regarding GM cultivar is human health. But there is always a new way. Genetic Engineering is a long pathway. We will definitely find a safer component to use it in GE technology.

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