Cause of Greening in Potato Tubers

Greening in potato tubers

Potato Greening or Greening in Potato (allu mein harapan or आलू में हरापन) is a general problem in potato when tubers in potato field get exposed to direct sunlight.

It is seen in uncovered potato tubers in the field.


S. No.Heading(s)
3.About solanine
4.Effect: Solanine poisoning

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1. Cause of greening in potato tubers

What is the cause of greening in potato tuber?

Exposure of tubers to direct sunlight. Potato tuber are form of modified stem. Plants produce their food through a chemical process. This chemical process is photosynthesis. Plants use their aerial parts for photosynthesis. Leaves, twigs, stem, etc., are aerial parts of a plant. Being a stem, tuber take part in photosynthesis. When a tuber is exposed to the direct sunlight, it starts photosynthesis. This process results in greening of potato tubers.

2. Result

Production of solanine compound. Solanine is a poisonous substance.

3. About Solanine

*It is a glycoalkaloid.

*Found in solanaceae family.

*Other plants with similar problems are tomato and brinjal.

4. Effect: Solanine poisoning

(4.1). Eating affected tubers can cause gastrointestinal disorders.

(4.2). Eating affected potatoes in sufficient amount can cause death.

5. Measures

  • Cover the exposed tubers with soil.
  • Keep green tubers in a room or under any shade.

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Frequently asked questions

Question 01. Is it a pathological problem?

Answer: It is a non-pathological problem.

Question 02. What are the major cons?

Answer: The major cons are as follows:

  • Taste is unacceptable.
  • Tubers become poisonous.
  • Not suitable for processing.
  • Market demand decreases.

Question 03. What are the major physiological disorders of potato?


  • Hallow heart.
  • Sprouting in field.
  • Mahogany browning.
  • Sprouting in cold house.
  • Sweetening of tubers.

Question 04. Which is the most serious disease of post harvest stage?

Answer: Tuber rot is the most serious disease of post harvest stage.

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