Growing Tomato, Brinjal and Chilli in Low Temperature

How to grow tomato, brinjal and chilli in low temperature?

How can you grow tomato, brinjal and chilli in low temperature?

(01). Creating micro-climate for the cultivation of vegetable crops in a controlled environment

You have to invest in one of the following structure:

1.1. Polyhouse
1.2. Low tunnel polyhouse

1.1: Polyhouse

Polyhouse consists of thick cladding materials, soil streamer, and mulching technique.

Cladding Materials: It raises the temperature inside a polyhouse

Soil streamer: Soil streamer raises soil temperature

Mulch: Polythene mulches help in raising soil temperature. It also retains soil temperature.

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Why polyhouse?

  • It is very important to have a polyhouse in temperate regions.
  • Polyhouse is famous for rose cultivation in temperate regions.
  • You can use it for the production of vegetable crops.

1.2: Low tunnel polyhouse

The low tunnel polyhouses are 90 times cheaper than the commercial polyhouses.

Basic structure may includes the following things:

  • Thick polythene cladding materials.
  • Soil streamer.
  • Black polythene mulch.

Why low tunnel polyhouse?

The low tunnel polyhouses are the best alternative of commercial polyhouses. It is a low cost structure with same working principles found in a commercial polyhouse.

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(02). Selection of variety

The selection of variety is very important.

Always prefer frost resistant/tolerant varieties over normal varieties.

Example: Pusa Sheetal (tomato) can set fruits at low temperature.

You can visit any one of the following institutes:

  • Horticultural university or college.
  • Agricultural University or college.
  • Krishi Vigyan Kendra.
  • Department of horticulture.

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These institutes are known for releasing new varieties of different vegetable crops such as tomato, brinjal and chilli. These varieties are tolerant as well as resistant to cold-climate.

Examples: Pant T3 is a winter season tomato variety. Pant Samrat is a robust variety of brinjal which is know for performing well in very low temperature.

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(03). Selection of plant species

Some vegetable crops are suitable for temperate climate such as pea, cole crops, and shimla mirch. For example: The Snowball series of cauliflower is suitable for very low or cold-climate.

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