Horticultural Medicinal Plants

Horticultural Medicinal Plants

Medicinal plants are the plants which contains medicinal properties.

Medicinal Plant 01

List 01: Flower plants with medical properties

  • Rose.
  • Madagascar periwinkle.
  • Marigold.
  • Tuberose.

List 02: Grass plant

  • Citronella grass.
  • Doob grass.

List 03: Spices and condiments

  • Turmeric.
  • Ginger.
  • Onion.
  • Garlic.

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Brief description


Medicinal part: Hip of rose is of medical use.

Madagascar periwinkle

Medicinal part: Flowers


Medicinal part: leaves


Medicinal part: Tubers

Grass plants with medicinal properties

Citronella grass

Medicinal part: Leaves

List: Spices and condiments with medicinal properties

Horticulture MCQ


Medicinal part: Rhizomes


Medicinal part: Rhizomes


Medicinal part: Bulb.


Medicinal part: Clove

Lawn making

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 01. Which plant-product is addictive?

Answer: Tea is addictive.

Question 02. Which vegetable contains medicinal properties

Answer: Chilli fruit contains medicinal properties.

Question 03. Which is the active component in chilli?

Answer:  Capsaicin is the active chemical component in chilli.

Question 04. Which plant has anti-cancer agent?

Answer: Madagascar periwinkle contains Vinca alkaloids, which has anti-cancer properties.

Question 05. What is gum arabic?

Answer: Gum arabic is a natural gum from acacia tree.

Question 06. What is the use of Water plantain?

Answer: It is used in urinary problems.

Question 07. Which has antibiotic properties?

Answer: Garlic has antibiotic properties.

Questions 08. What is the use of aloe vera?

Answer: Aloe vera is an horticultural plant. It is a multipurpose plant.

Aloe vera is being used traditionally as skin treatment herb.

Question 09. Where can I find medicinal plants?

Answer: You can get medicinal plants from one of the following place..

  • Forest department.
  • General plant nurseries.
  • Flower nursery.
  • Fruit plant nursery.
  • Ornamental nurseries.
  • Horticultural nurseries.
  • Vegetable nurseries.

Question 10. Is it legal to do cultivation of different medicinal plant?

Answer: Most of the medicinal plants are the part of common horticultural crop. So they can be cultivated without any problem such as edible vegetables, flower and fruit plants.

Stevia is one of the most important medicinal plant. It has calorie free sugar.

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Medicinal plants


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