Horticulture Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ)

Horticulture Multiple Choice Questions

Horticulture Multiple Choice Questions includes topics from the following 4 Subjects:

JRF Multiple Choice Questions.
SRF Questions.
Agriculture NET Questions.
State Agriculture University CET MCQ.
IBPS AFO Multiple Choice Questions.

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Paragraph 01: Horticulture Multiple Choice Questions

Quiz on Mangosteen

Question 01. Pungency in chilli is due to..?

(a). Sinigrin.
(b). Isothyosinate
(c). Capsaicin.
(d). None of the above.

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Question 02. Stacking is done for..?

(a). Onion.
(b). Tomato.
(c). Brinjal.
(d). Potato.

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Question 03. Chemical released by marigold..?

(a). Kills nematode.
(b). Inactive nematode. www.shasyadhara.com
(c). Repel nematode.
(d). All of the above.

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Question 04. Origin place of brinjal is..?

(a). Iran.
(b). China.
(c). India.
(d). Pakistan.

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Question 05. ….% of 2, 4- D as growth harmone should be sprayed for most of vegetable?

(a). 1%.
(b). 3%.
(c). 2%.
(d). 1.5%.

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Question 06. Timely harvesting is a most important step in ….?

(a). Pumpkin.
(b). Cucumber.
(c). Tomato.
(d). Okra.

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Question 07. Cultivation of brinjal started from..?

(a). English era.
(b). Francis era.
(c). Era of Portuguese.
(d). Mughal era.

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Question 08. Cauliflower is a..?

(a). Developed inflorescence.
(b). Underdeveloped inflorescence.
(c). Modified flower.
(d). All of the above.

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Question 09. Whiptail of cauliflower is due to..?

(a). Lack of molybdenum.
(b). Lack of boron.
(c). Lack of zinc.
(d). Lack of copper.

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Question 10. Cultural blanching in cauliflower is done..?

(a). After flowering.
(b). Before flowering.
(c). After harvesting.
(d). At any stage.

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Paragraph 02: Horti MCQ

Question 11. Primary aim of blanching in cauliflower in field is..?

(a). To protect it from disease.
(b). To protect it from insects.
(c). To make head attractive.
(d). None of the above.

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Question 12. Blanching in cauliflower should be done..?

(a). 8 – 10 days before harvesting.
(b). 20 – 30 days before harvesting.
(c). 15 – 20 days before harvesting.
(d). 5 – 8 days before harvesting.

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Question 13. Buttoning is problem in..?

(a). Potato.
(b). Tomato.
(c). Onion.
(d). Cauliflower.

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Question 14. Scent in cabbage is due to?

(a). Allyl propyl.
(b). Sinigrin glucoside.
(c). Lignin.
(d). Propyl.

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Question 15. Irrigation in cabbage should be stopped when….?

(a). Stem start to develop.
(b). Laves start to increase in numbers.
(c). Leaves start to bind.
(d). All of the above.

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Question 16 . The word ‘PEM’ stands for….?

(a). Protein Energy Malnutrition.
(b). Protein Enriched Matter.
(c). Protein Enriched Mango.
(d). Protein Energy Malfunction.

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Question 17. Wilt is a disease of..

(a). Guava.
(b). Banana.
(c). Citrus.
(d). a and b.

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Question 18. Which type of dichogamy is found in avocado?

(a). Duodichogamy.
(b). PDSD.
(c). Heterodichogamy.
(d). Protoandry.

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Question 19. Agmark grade of pear for medium size (diameter, cm) fruit is?

(a). 5.5
(b). 5.0
(c). 6.0
(d). 3.5

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Paragraph 03: Horticulture Test

Question 20. Semi dwarf variety of pear is result of cross between?

(a). OH × F69.
(b). OH × F230.
(c). OH × F361.
(d). All of the above.

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Question 21. Which is known as Shiara?

(a). Pyrus pashia.
(b). Pyrus betulifolia.
(c). Pyrus serotina.
(d). Pyrus pyrifolia.

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Question 22. Alternate bear is a problem in some species of?

(a). Mango.
(b). Apple.
(c). Both a and b.
(d). Pear.

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Question 23. Oil palm largest producer is?

(a). India.
(b). Indonesia.
(c). Sri Lanka.
(d). Thailand.

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Question 24. Beetlevine dwarf rootstok –

(a). VTCH-1.
(b). VTCH- V9.
(c). VTCH- 99.
(d). All of the above.

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Question 25. Artificial pollination is needed for….?

(a). Mango.
(b). Cashew nut.
(c). Custard apple.
(d). Coconut.

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Question 26. Largest producer of apricot….?

(a). Afghanistan.
(b). Turkey.
(c). Armenia.
(d). Russia.

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Question 27. Fruit harvested at PTB stage is….?

(a). Pecanut.
(b). Arecanut.
(c). Walnut.
(d). Chestnut.

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Question 28. Origin of pecanut is?

(a). Europe.
(b). Asia Minor.
(c). America.
(d). Australia.

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Question 29. Origin of strawberry is?

(a). Natural selection.
(b). Chance seedling.
(c). New World.
(d). Man Made Hybrid.

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Question 30. Coconut husk include….?

(a). Coir 30%, fibre 70%.
(b). Coir 70%, fibre 30%.
(c). Coir 40%, fibre 60%.
(d). Coir 60%, fibre 40%.

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Paragraph 04: Horticulture Quiz

Question 31. Bacteriostatic methods are based on..?

(a). Controlling environmental conditions.
(b). Use of chemicals.
(c). Both a and b.
(d). Killing micro-organisms.

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Question 32. Blanching is done for..?

(a). Preserving original colour.
(b). Softening the tissue.
(c). Destroying some enzymes.
(d). All of the above.

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Question 33. Mainly blanching is done for..?

(a). Fruit.
(b). Vegetables.
(c). Both a and b.
(d). None of the above.

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Question 34. Binding of moisture is possible with..?

(a). Sugar.
(b). Salt.
(c). Both a and b.
(d). KMS.

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Question 35. Method of application of heat is..?

(a). Mechanical drying.
(b). Vacuum drying.
(c). Both a and b.
(d). None of the above.

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Question 36. In mechanical drying the factors to be controlled are..?

(a). Air flow.
(b). Temperature.
(c). Humidity.
(d). All of the above.

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Question 37. Dried products are inferior in quality in case of..?

(a). Sun drying.
(b). Mechanical drying.
(c). Vacuum drying.
(d). Freeze drying.

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Question 38. In vacuum drying..?

(a). Temperature of food is controlled.
(b). Water removal is controlled.
(c). Degree of vacuum and intensity of heat are regulated.
(d). All of the above.

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Question 39. In freeze drying..?

(a). Product first frozen then water is removed.
(b). Water is removed first then frozen.
(c). Both steps are completed at same time.
(d). It depends on products.

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Question 40. Freeze is drying based on..?

(a). Ablation process.
(b). Phase transition process.
(c). Non phase transition process.
(d). None of the above.

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