Household Pests MCQ

Household Pests MCQ

Read important multiple choice questions on Household Pests. Topics: Co_ckroach, house cricket, bed bug, human louse, rat flea, mosquito, and other important pests.

Household pest mcqs and answer

TypesObjective questions
Number of questions20

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Co_ckroach (01-03)

Question 01. What is the scientific name of co_ckroach?

(a). Acheta domesticus.
(b). Periplanta americana.
(c). Plecia nearctica.
(d). Pycanum rubens.

Question 02. To which order does a co_ckroach belong?

(a). Diptera.
(b). Hemiptera.
(c). Blattidea.
(d). Lepidoptera.

Question 03. How many generations are present in a year?

(a). 2 generations.
(b). 4 generations.
(c). 8 generations.
(d). Several generations.

House cricket (04-06)

Question 04. What is the scientific name of house cricket?

(a). Grylloides sigillatus.
(b). Cimex hemipterus.
(c). Shelfordella tartara.
(d). None of the.

Question 05. How many generations are present?

(a). Only two generations.
(b). Only three generations.
(c). Only one generation.
(d). Several generations.

Question 06. House cricket damages which one of the following?

(a). Wood.
(b). Clothes.
(c). Both a and b.
(d). None of the above.

Bed bug (07-11)

Question 07. Which is the most repulsive household pest?

(a). House cricket.
(b). Human louse.
(c). Bed bug.
(d). Rat flea.

Question 08. Which is true about bed bug?

(a). Bed bug has no odour.
(b). It has rudimentary wings.
(c). Female lay about 1000 eggs.
(d). It can withstand starvation up to one year.

Question 09. When does a bed bug out for feeding?

(a). At night.
(b). At morning.
(c). At afternoon.
(d). Any time.

Question 10. Which is the common bed bug?

(a). Cimex lectularius.
(b). Cimex hemipterus.
(c). Both a and b.
(d). None of the above.

Question 11. How many immature nymphal stage are present?

(a). Four.
(b). Two.
(c). Three.
(d). Four.

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Human louse (12-14)

Question 12. Which one is the family of human louse?

(a). Cimidae.
(b). Gryllidae.,
(c). Psychodidae.
(d). Pediculidae.

Question 13. What is the duration of incubation period of human louse?

(a). Three days.
(b). About a week.
(c). Two days.
(d). About two weeks.

Question 14. Which type of parasite is human louse?

(a). Obligate.
(b). Non-obligate.
(c). Either a or b.
(d). None of the above.

Rat flea (15)

Question 15. Rat flea transmits which disease?

(a). Pneumonic plague.
(b). Septicemic plague.
(c). Bubonic plague.
(d). All of the above

Question 16. Monomorium belongs to which one of the following?

(a). Ants.
(b). Wasps.
(c). Book louse.
(d). Silverfish.

Question 17. Which one is a major enemy of honey bee?

(a). Red ants.
(b). Mole cricket.
(c). Wasps.
(d). Black ants.

Question 18. Which is a minor household pest?

(a). Book louse.
(b). Silverfish.
(c). Carpet beetle.
(d). All of the above.

Question 19. Which is serious pest of bee keeping industry?

(a). Greater wax moth.
(b). Fur moth.
(c). Both a and b.
(d). None of the above.

Question 20. Which one is the carrier of kala-azar?

(a). Mosquito.
(b). Sand fly.
(c). House fly.
(d). None of the above.

Household Pest MCQ: Multiple Choice Questions

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