How to Get Success in Poultry Farming

How to Get Success in Poultry Farming

Poultry farming is a very lucrative agribusiness. The main threat in poultry farming is high mortality rate of hen, e.g., layers, broilers, and indigenous breeds of hen. Success in in poultry farming is not an easy task. There are many factors which affect a the successful running of a poultry farm. In this post we will know that How to Get Success in Poultry Farming?

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For Getting Success in Poultry Farming, we have to consider following points:

(1). Breed of hen.
(2). Start of a poultry farm.
(3). Where to get chicks.
(4). Necessary arrangements for 1 day old chicks.
(5). Necessary arrangements for 6-week old chicks.

(1). Breed of hen

  • Indian breeds of hen lay 50 – 60 eggs per year.
  • Foreign breeds of hen lay 200 – 250 eggs year.
  • Egg size of foreign breeds of hen is double than the Indian breeds of hen.

Decision: Always prefer foreign breeds of hen for commercial poultry farming.

(2). Start of poultry farming

  • Always purchase one day old chicks.
  • Try to purchase it from a reliable farm.
  • Govt. poultry farm are more reliable.
  • Always purchase a vaccinated chicks.
  • Vaccine is ranikhet.

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(3). Where and whom to contact?

  • Go to department of animal husbandry.
  • Contact to a private farm owner.

(4). Necessary arrangements for 1 day old chicks

  • Make a brooder for one day old chicks.
  • Per chick requires 1/2 square feet space.
  • Keep the brooder inside a room.
  • Place 1 inch thick layer of straw in on the surface of that room.
  • The temperature of brooder should be 95 – 100 °F.
  • There should be enough utensils for water and enough feeders so that each chick can get 1/2 inch space during feeding.

Always provide readymade poultry feed during initial growth period.
Disinfect the feeders regularly.

Keep these chicks inside brooder up to 6 months.

After 6 months…

  • Develop deep litter system.
  • Use hanging feeders which are just 1 foot above surface.
  • Place 20 boxes for 100 hens for eggs.

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Necessary practices

  • Vaccinate all the growing chicks at the age of 2 months with Ranikhet.
  • Use gamaxin to kill lice and tick.
  • Mix anti coccidiosis medicine in drinking water, daily.
  • Use of anti coccidiosis medicine in drinking water is one of the most important step.
  • Always severe hens with green leafy vegetables.
  • Immediately separate the diseased hens.
  • Always keep same age chicks or hens in the same group.

Do it in commercial scale, if..

(1). You have a regular vaccination facility.
(2). A good marketing facility.

Don’t do it, if..

(1). No vaccination facility.
(2). No marketing facility.

Last saying:

Without vaccination programme, any poultry farm may fail within a year.

Don’t keep your hens in farm for a long period. Sell all of them within four months.

Selection of site is another important factor. It should consider better market and transportation.

Make regular contact with a veterinary field officer.

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This post: How to get success in poultry farming


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