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Agriculture Field Officer IBPS

IBPS AFO: Eligiblity, Work and Salary. An Agriculture Field Officer is a central government bank post. It is very different from other bank post, because it is a field job more than an office post. An agricultural professional must pass IBPS AFO pre or entrance test to be eligible for the next round. The second part of this exam is personal interview.

(1). About IBPS
(2). About the exam and subjects
(3). Basic criteria for this exam/post
(4). Work and duties of an AFO
(5). Salary of an AFO
(6). Frequently asked questions

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(1). About IBPS

IBPS or Institute of Banking Personnel Selection is a autonomous body under the Ministry of Finance, Government of India. The institute is known for the selection of bank personnel for various organizations. It works by following the philosophy of speed, accuracy, and confidentiality. Annually, it takes various exams for various posts. Its clients are public sector banks, State Bank of India, banks which have associated with the State Bank of India, NABARD, SIDBI, RBI, life insurance companies, and some cooperative banks.

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(2). About the exam and subjects

This is an online exam which includes the following subjects:

  • Agriculture
  • Computer science
  • Reasoning test
  • Aptitude test

2.1: Agriculture

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Agronomy: Crop production, cropping system and pattern, IPM, IDM, etc.

Soil science: Types of soils, soils of India, weathering, soil formation, soil biochemistry, etc.

Agricultural engineering: Farm power, farm machinery, farm electricity, etc.

Plant pathology: Major diseases of fruit crops, major disease of vegetable corps, major diseases of other horticultural crops, IDM, etc.

Agricultural extension: Formal and informal education, major development projects, leadership development programmes, communication, ICAR institutes, KVK, State Agricultural University, etc.

Horticulture: Fruit crop production, flower crop production, vegetable crop production, etc.

Entomology: Major insect-pests of fruit crops, major insect-pests of vegetable corps, major insect-pests of other horticultural crops, IPM, etc.

Meteorology: Weather and climate, types of clouds, rain, monsoon, cyclone, anticyclone, etc.

Plant breeding and genetics: Genetics engineering, RNA, DNA, molecular biology, methods of hybridization, seed production, seed technology, etc.

Plant physiology: Photosynthesis, cell theory, stomata, dark cycle, C3 plants, C4 plants, water stress, plant nutrients, plant physiological disorders, etc.

Animal husbandry: Morphology and anatomy of farm animals, breeds of farm animals, dairy farming, goat farming, sheep farming, diseases of farm animals, dairy farm disease management, vaccination, etc.

Fish farming: Morphology and anatomy of fishes, breeds of fishes, fresh water aquaculture, marine water aquaculture, RAS, etc.

Poultry farming: Morphology and anatomy of farm poultry, breeds of farm poultry, hen farming, duck farming, diseases of farm poultry, poultry farm disease management, vaccination, etc.

Other subjects.

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2.2: Computer science

  • Binary system.
  • Computer language.
  • Input devices.
  • Output devices.
  • Computer software.
  • Basic applications.
  • Storage units.
  • Other important topics.

2.3: Reasoning test

  • Sitting arrangement.
  • Synonyms.
  • Antonyms.
  • Similarities.
  • Graphical problems.
  • Paragraph reading.
  • Reading and conclusion.
  • Other important topics.

2.4: Aptitude test

  • Mean.
  • Mode.
  • Median.
  • Multiplication.
  • Average.
  • Elementary mathematics.
  • Square root.
  • Other important topics.

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(3). Basic criteria for this exam/post

3.1: B. Sc. in Agriculture

Step 01:

After 12th from agriculture, biology, or mathematics, prepare for PAT or Pre Agricultural Test.

Step 02:

Clear Pre Agricultural Test with a good rank. Good rank is very important to get admission in top colleges.

Step 03:

Take admission in any agricultural college. Government college will be a better option.

Step 04:

Clear 4-year B. Sc. in Agriculture degree programme. Start your preparation from the first semester of the fourth year. Don’t stop it.

3.2: B. Sc. in Horticulture

Step 01:

Prepare for the Pre Agricultural Test.

Step 02:

Clear it.

Step 03:

Take admission in any horticultural college. Government college will be a better option.

Step 04:

Clear 4-year B. Sc. in Horticulture degree programme. Start your preparation from the first semester of the third year. Don’t stop it.

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(4). Work and duties of an AFO

Field visit, selection of farmers, finance, etc., are the basic work of an agricultural field officer. Other works are as follows:

  • Agricultural finance.
  • Kisan Credit Card.
  • Crop insurance.
  • Other works.

4.1: Agricultural finance

  • Direct finance for farmers
  • Indirect finance for farmers.

4.1.1: Short term loans for farmers

  • Arranging short term loans for farmers.
  • Example: Crop loan.
  • Through: Kisan Credit Card.
  • The purpose of the crop loan is to facilitate the agriculturists to carry on seasonal operations, i.e., to meet the expenses for raising of seasonal crops.

4.1.2: Medium and long term loans

  • Arranging medium and long term loans for farmers.
  • Examples of direct finance: Farm land development, minor irrigation, plantation, dairy farming, sheep rearing, goat rearing, poultry farming, mushroom cultivation, etc.
  • Indirect finance: Distribution bof fertilizers, pesticides, electricity, etc.

4.2: Kisan Credit Card

  • To issue KCC or Kisan Credit Card to farmers.
  • A field officer has to issue KCC for a farmer.
  • They have to complete the annual target.

4.3: Crop insurance

  • An agricultural field officer has to complete crop insurance target.
  • Crop insurance includes the targets of the Kharif season crop insurance and Rabi season crop insurance.

4.4: Other works

  • Providing agricultural term loans to farmers.
  • Arranging credit for land development projects.
  • Execution of various agricultural finance schemes.


  • Attending meetings.
  • To take part in camps.

(5). Salary of an AFO

The initial salary of an AFO is 42,000.00+ INR.

  • Scale I  salary is 36,00.00 INR to 42,000.00 INR.
  • Scale II salary is 45,000.00 INR.

(6). Frequently asked questions

Question 01. How tough is this exam?

Answer: This exam is not very tough. Anyone can clear it with ease if prepared in right direction.

Question 02. Which is difficult subject?

Answer: Aptitude test is the most difficult subject.

Question 03. Which is the easiest subject?

Answer: Agriculture is the easiest subject.

Question 04. Do I need to join any coaching class?

Answer: No, you don’t need to join any coaching class to clear this exam. Although you can purchase our mock test series on IBPS AFO for the better understanding of this exam. This series includes 500 questions for 35.00 rs only.

You can purchase it from here:

Question 04. Am I eligible while still being in the 4th year’s 8th semester?

Answer: A student must have complete his/her B.Sc. in Agriculture to be eligible for this exam. You can’t attempt this while you are still in the 4th year’s 8th semester.

Question 05: I have a non-agricultural degree, Am I eligible?

Answer: No, a non-agricultural student is not eligible for this post.

Question 06: Am I eligible with a B. Sc. in Horticulture degree?

Answer: Yes, you are eligible for this post with a B. Sc. in Horticulture degree.


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