IBPS AFO Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

IBPS AFO Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

Read Multiple Choice Questions or Objective MCQ on IBPS AFO.

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Question 01. Single rose is a variety of..?

(a). Rose.
(b). Tuberose.
(c). Nerium.
(d). Gladiolus.

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Question 02. A field of work in which people aim to improve the access of rural communities to efficient, sustainable financial services is known as..?

(a). Micro finance.
(b). Rural finance.
(c). Financial institution.
(d). Agricultural finance.

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Question 03. Which one of the following fruit contains more fat than the rest?

(a). Guava.
(b). Apple.
(c). Jack fruit.
(d). Avocado.

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Question 04. The phosphorus content as P in the plough layer of one hectare of soil containing 0.1% P2O5  is..?

(a). 400 kg.
(b). 860 kg.
(c). 1250 kg.
(d). 570 kg.

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Question 05. The Sonalika variety of wheat has dwarfing genes from..?

(a). Norin 1.
(b). Norin 10.
(c). Stu 1
(d). Rht 1 – 10.

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Question 06. Which is Trogodermagranarium?

(a). Khapra beetle.
(b). Rice moth.
(c). Rice weevil.
(d). Pulse borer.

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Question 07. A plant must balance the amount of CO2 absorbed from the air, and the water loss through the stomatal pores….

This is achieved by….

(a). Active control of guard cell turgor pressure.
(b). Passive control of guard cell turgor pressure.
(c). Stomatal pore size.
(d). All of the above.

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Question 08. Which is true about SRI in rice?

1. Maximizing anaerobic conditions.
2. Developed in 1983.
3. 21 days old plants are ideal for sowing.
4. Norman Uphoff spreads it across the countries in the world.
5. Yield can increase from 20 – 200%.

(a). 1, 3 and 5 are true.
(b). 2, 4 and 5 are true.
(c). 1, 2 and 3 are true.
(d). 2, 3 and 4 are true.

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Question 09. How does pendimethalin control weeds?

(a). Inhibiting cell division.
(b). By inhibiting cell elongation.
(c). Both a and b.
(d). None of the above.

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Question 10. At present, what is the total number of Krishi Vigyan Kedras in India?

(a). 710.
(b). 721.
(c). 711.
(d). 722.

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Question 11. Find different one and that will be your answer..

(a). Maize.
(b). Rice.
(c). Wheat.
(d). Pumpkin.

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Question 12. 0.25 ÷ 0.10 × 0.04 + 0.006= ..?

(a). 0.006.
(b). 0.016.
(c). 0.106.
(d). 0.16.

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Question 13. Read the following points carefully and give answer..

1. Total students = ..?
2. Biscuits = 605.
3. All biscuits have been distributed.
4. Each student gets 20% (biscuits) of the total number of the students.

(a). 11.
(b). 24.
(c). 15.
(d). Can’t be determined.

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Question 14. How many times the letters of the word ‘ABSENTEE’ can be arranged in different ways?

(a). 57647.
(b). 30725.
(c). 6720.
(d). 6288.

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Question 15. Read the followings..

There are 11 balls in a box.
3 are blue.
5 are black.
3 are red.

Give answer for….

If 3 balls come out randomly, then what will be the probability of being all the balls black?

(a). 1/11.
(b). 2/33.
(c).  2/11.
(d). 3/11.

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Question 16. A bird has the same relation with a nest as sepals have with..?

(a). Flower.
(b). The flower plant.
(c). Flower stalk.
(d). Earth.

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Question 17. Which is the most opposite word to dusk?

(a). Dawn.
(b). Gloom.
(c). Twilight.
(d). None of the above.

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Question 18. Which is a weak but similar verb to ‘table’?

(a). Submit.
(b). Put forward.
(c). Enter.
(d). All of the above.

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Question 19. Which one is an passive voice sentence?

(a). Every thing is fair in war.
(b). I don’t believe on magic.
(c). Message was sent to me at 12.00 pm, IST.
(d). Winning an Olympic Title will be the biggest achievement.

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Question 20. Find out different one..?

(a). But.
(b). And.
(c). Or.
(d). Secondly.

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Question 21. Which one is a bigger storage unit?

(a). Byte.
(b). Mega byte.
(c). Giga byte.
(d). Tera byte.

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Question 22. Which is the biggest storage unit?

(a). Tera byte.
(b). Exa byte.
(c). Zetta byte.
(d). Yotta byte.

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Question 23. Who is considered as the father of computer?

(a). Herman Hollerith.
(b). Ada Lovelace.
(c). Charles Babbage.
(d). Alan Turning.

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Question 24. Since 2020, which the latest and the fastest super computer of PARAM series?

(a). PARAM Sidhi AI.
(b). PARAM 8000.
(d). None of the above.

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Question 25. The most commonly used printer is..?

(a). Thermal printer.
(b). Ink jet printer.
(c). Daisy wheel printer.
(d). Dot metrix printer.

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