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This page, ‘IBPS AFO Online Mock Test Series‘, includes links of Multiple Choice Objective Questions from the different topics of IBPS AFO.

Quiz: IBPS AFO Mock Test
Type: Online Mock Test
Format: MCQ
No. of Questions: 500
Price: 45.00 rs

You will find links of free Mock test in this page. Visit again to find new links.

Link types

(1). Mock test with password.
(2). Mock test without password.

Last updated: 13:31 pm IST on 22nd September, 2021

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Why this post?

We conduct online mock test for IBPS AFO and other agricultural competition exams. Online test is the need of the future, so we are providing free and paid mock test through this post.

INDEX: IBPS AFO Mock Test Series

(1). Types of Mock Test
(2) Importance: This Quiz
(3). Syllabus/Topics of The Subject
(4). Links of the mock test

(1). Types of Mock Test

IBPS AFO Mock Test With Password (Password Protected)

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The “Mock Test Without Password” means anyone can access these test or quiz without the need of password. These are open links. No need for payment.

*Note: This test includes 15 MCQ

IBPS AFO Mock Test With Password (Password Protected)

The “Mock Test With Password (Password Protected)” means you have to pay for the Online Mock Test. Here, you will be sent the link(s) of Online Mock Test (IBPS AFO) after the successful payment.

This will be password protected, and will only be visible to that person who has maid payment.

*Note: These tests include 50 MCQ each test. There are total 500 MCQ (50 mcq each test).

You can request for more.

(2) Importance: This Quiz

These tests will help students in/to..

1. Time management.
2. Better understanding of exam pattern.
3. Revisions of important questions.

Helps in Preparation of:

IBPS examinations.

(3). Syllabus/Topics of The Subject

Topics of The Subject

3.1 Part A: Agriculture
3.2 Part B: Computer science
3.3 Part C: Reasoning test
3.4 Part D: Aptitude test

3.1 Part A: Agriculture

Agronomy: Crop production, cropping system and pattern, IPM, IDM, continue….

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Soil science: Types of soils, soils of India, weathering, soil formation, soil biochemistry, continue….

Also read: Soil science mcq multiple choice questions

Agricultural engineering: Farm power, farm machinery, farm electricity, continue….

Also read: Agriculture Engineering Multiple Choice Objective Questions (MCQ)

Plant pathology: Major diseases of fruit crops, major disease of vegetable corps, major diseases of other horticultural crops, IDM, continue….

Also read: Plant Pathology MCQ Multiple Choice Questions

Agricultural extension: Formal and informal education, major development projects, leadership development programmes, communication, ICAR institutes, KVK, State Agricultural University, continue….

Also read: Agriculture Extension Education MCQ Multiple Choice Questions


Horticulture: Fruit crop production, flower crop production, vegetable crop production, continue….

Also read: Horticulture Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ)

Entomology: Major insect-pests of fruit crops, major insect-pests of vegetable corps, major insect-pests of other horticultural crops, IPM, continue….

Also read: Entomology Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

Meteorology: Weather and climate, types of clouds, rain, monsoon, cyclone, anticyclone, continue….

Also read: Agro Meteorology MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions)

Plant breeding and genetics: Genetics engineering, RNA, DNA, molecular biology, methods of hybridization, seed production, seed technology, continue….

Also read: Plant Breeding, Genetics, Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ)

Plant physiology: Photosynthesis, cell theory, stomata, dark cycle, C3 plants, C4 plants, water stress, plant nutrients, plant physiological disorders, continue….

Also read: Plant Physiology MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions)

Animal husbandry: Morphology and anatomy of farm animals, breeds of farm animals, dairy farming, goat farming, sheep farming, diseases of farm animals, dairy farm disease management, vaccination, continue….

Also read: Animal Husbandry MCQ Multiple Choice Questions

Fish farming: Morphology and anatomy of fishes, breeds of fishes, fresh water aquaculture, marine water aquaculture, RAS, continue….

Also read: Fish Farming (Fisheries) MCQ, Multiple Choice Questions

Poultry farming: Morphology and anatomy of farm poultry, breeds of farm poultry, hen farming, duck farming, diseases of farm poultry, poultry farm disease management, vaccination, continue….

Also read: Poultry Farming Multiple Choice Questions

Other Subject, continue….

3.2 Part B: Computer science

  • Binary system.
  • Computer language.
  • Input devices.
  • Output devices.
  • Computer software.
  • Basic applications.
  • Storage units.
  • Continue….

3.3 Part C: Reasoning test

  • Sitting arrangement.
  • Synonyms.
  • Antonyms.
  • Similarities.
  • Graphical problems.
  • Paragraph reading.
  • Reading and conclusion.

3.4 Part D: Aptitude test

  • Mean.
  • Mode.
  • Median.
  • Multiplication.
  • Average.
  • Elementary mathematics.
  • Square root.

(4). Links of the mock test

4.1 Links Without Password.
4.2 Links Protected With Password.

*Each test require payment of rs. 45.00 (forty five rupees only).
List of Link(s):

*External link(s) is/are associate-website-link(s).

01. IBPS AFO Online Mock Test (open)

02. IBPS AFO Online Mock Test (Protected)

*New link will be added once available.


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