Ideotypes of Different Crops

Ideotypes of different crops

What is ideotype?

Ideotype is a biological model which is expected to perform or behave in a predictable way within a known environment. In this post we will know about the Ideotypes of Different Crops.

Types of ideotype:

  • Isolation ideotypes.
  • Competition ideotypes.

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(1). Wheat
(2). Redgram
(3). Maize
(4). Rainfed upland rice
(5). Gram
(6). Rainfed wheat

Ideotypes of some field crops

(1). Ideotypes of wheat according to Donald (1968)

  • Avoiding crop lodging : Plant should be short and strong.
  • A large erect ear.
  • More number of fertile florets per unit area.
  • Presence of awns to increase the photosynthetic area.
  • Presence of a single culm to avoid wasteful vegetative growth.
  • Proper translocation of assimilates.

(2). Ideotypes of Redgram

  • The growth of plant canopy should be fast at beginning.
  • Start of productive phase after vegetative phase.
  • Long floral axis.
  • All flower should bloom at the same time.
  • Root nodules should be active for a long time.
  • Plant should be resistant to insect-pests.

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(3). Ideotypes of Maize

  • Plant should have erect upper leaves.
  • And, lower leaves should horizontal for proper air movement and receiving of sunshine.
  • Plant height is 1.5 m.
  • 2 – 3 cob on the nodes near the tassel.

(4). Ideotypes of Rainfed upland Rice

  • Strong growth (85 – 100 days).
  • Plant should be dwarf.
  • Deep root system.
  • Plant should have erect leaves.
  • Early tillering.
  • Fertile tillering.
  • Synchronized flowering.
  • Sufficient panicles.
  • More and more grains per panicle.
  • Moderate seed dormancy.
  • Resistant to major and minor insect-pests.

(5). Ideotypes of Gram

  • Productive phase must starts after vegetative phase.
  • Plant should have erect branching.
  • There should be 2-3 longer pods in the leaf axis.
  • 2 – 3 seeds in each pod.

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(6). Rainfed Wheat

  • Large number of spikelets.
  • Strong root system.
  • Deep root system.
  • Large peduncle.
  • Flat leaves parallel to soil.
  • Grain development period should coinciding with mean maximum temperature of 25°C.


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