Important things in epicotyl grafting in mango

5 Important things in epicotyl or stone grafting in mango

Epicotyl grafting or stone grafting is a method of grafting or plant propagation in mango. In this method of plant propagation, rootstock is a seedling of mango which is still attached to stone or seedcoat.

DS1 grafted on seedling mango. Note: DS1 is a local selection by us. It is one of the best quality mango variety considering taste and sweetness).

Questions related to the method of plant propagation

S.No.Important things
1.Method of propagation
2.Best time for propagation
3.Healing period
4.Care after grafting
5.Rootstock and scion

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What is the best method of plant propagation?

Splice grafting is the best method plant propagation in epicotyl grafting of mango.

Method of splice grafting: This is also known as whip grafting. This method is useful in the nursery where the rootstock is quite thinner i.e. 0.8-1.2 cm diameter and is highly successful due to considerable cambial contact. It heals quickly and makes a strong union. The diameter of stock and scion should be uniform. Scion should contain a healthy bud. The graft should be made in the smooth area. Cut at the top of the stock should be exactly the same as at the bottom of the scion. The length of the cut is 2.5-5.0 cm.

Which is the best time for propagation?

The best time for stone grafting in mango is the last week of June to August. It depends on the onset of monsoon. Early arriving of monsoon means you can do it at the right time.

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How many days does sprouting take place?

Sprouting is not even for each graft-union. It takes 15-30 days to see sprouting. Vigorous graft-union sprouts very fast.

What is the healing period?

Healing period varies from 21 to 30 days. Some graft-unions take one moth to fully heal. Don’t disturb the plant graft-unions before the completion of healing period.

Questions related to rootstock

  • Age of rootstock
  • Height of rootstock
  • Thickness of rootstock

What should be the age of rootstock?

The ideal age of rootstock is 2 weeks. Seedlings are ready for grafting after two weeks of germination.

What should be the height of rootstock?

  • The height of rootstock should be kept same.
  • Cut the rootstock at the height of 10 cm from the ground level.
  • Here, height of rootstock means the height of graft-union.

What should be the thickness of rootstock?

  • Always select bigger stone to get thick stem.
  • Epicotyl grafting is difficult with thin seedlings.
  • The thickness of rootstock or seedling should be 1.2 cm.

Questions related to scion

  • Age of scion
  • Length of scion
  • Thickness of scion

What should be the age of scion?

The age of scion is very important. Young or old scion may become the cause of failure of grafting. For a successful grafting, scion should be of at least 6-month old.

What should be the length of scion?

Length of scion is also very important. The length of scion should not be more than 12 cm because it may cause the breakage of graftage. The optimum length of scion should be 10 cm.

What should be the thickness of scion?

It should be similar to the thickness of the rootstock. Uniform combination makes a better connection between the cambia of the two shoots, i.e., rootstock and scion.

Things to remember

01: Protect the new graftage from from direct sunlight
02: Protect the new graftage from heavy rains.
03: Protect the new graftage from the warm and fast wind.

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