Major Insect-pests of Rice

Insects of Rice

Rice is the most important cereal crop of many Asian countries.

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  • BPH.
  • Earhead bug.
  • Gall midge.
  • GLH.
  • Grasshopper.
  • Hispa or rice hispa.
  • Horned caterpillar.
  • Leaf roller.
  • Mealy bug.
  • Rice case worm.
  • Skipper or rice skipper.
  • Stem borer.
  • Swarming caterpillar.
  • Thrips.
  • White backed plant hopper.
  • Whorl maggot.
  • Yellow hairy caterpillar.

(1). BPH or Brown Plant Hopper

Scientific name: Nilaparvata lugens

Family: Delphacidae

Identification: Presence of a prominent tibial spur on the 3rd leg.

Symptom of damage: Hopper burn.

Management: Triaziphos.


ETL is 1 BPH per tiller.
Vector of grassy stunt virus.

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(2). Earhead bug

Scientific name: Leptocorisa oratoria

Family: Alydidae


Bug is slender.
Characteristics odour from adult.

Symptom of damage

Chaffy grains.
Black spot of feeding surface.


ETL: 5 bugs per eaehead.
Chemical: Quinalphos.

Other: Another name is gundhi bug.

(3). Gall midge

Scientific name: Orseolia oryzae

Family: Cecidomyiidae


It is fly.
Yellowish green.
Similar to mosquito.

Symptom of damage

Formation silver shoot.
No panicles.


ETL: 10 % silver shoot.
Parasite: Platygaster oryzae.

Other: Silver shoot is also known as onion leaf.

(4). GLH or Green Leaf Hopper

Scientific name: Cicadella viridis

Family: Cicadellidae

Identification: Bright green adults with black spots.

Symptoms of damage: Yellowing/drying of leaves from tip.

Management: 5 insects per hill before flowering.

Other: Vector of tungro virus.

(5).Grass hopper

Scientific name: Hieroglyphus banian

Family: Acrididae


Body is green.
Transverse black lines above the pronotum.

Symptom of damage

Irregular feeding on leaves.
Presence of left midrib.

Management: Chlorpyriphos.

Other: It is polyphagous in nature.

(6). Rice hispa

Scientific name: Dicladispa armigera

Family: Chrysomelidae.


Spiny body is the characteristics identification mark.

Symptom of damage

Irregular translucent white patches.
Presence of blisters near leaf tip.
Field burnt appearance.

Management: Systemic insecticide.

Other: Adult beetle is known as imago.

(7). Rice horned caterpillar

Scientific name: Melanitis ismene

Family: Nymphalidae

Identification: Brown wings with characteristics black spots on all wings.

Symptom of damage

Marginal sides of leaves are damged by insects.

Management: Systemic insecticide

Other: Erratic flying.

(8). Leaf roller

Scientific name: Cnaphalocrocis medinalis

Family: Crambidae


Yellowish green translucent larva.
Adult is a moth with horizontal bands across wings.
Wing margins are black.

Symptom of damage: Longitudinal folded leaves.

Management: Trichogramma chilonis is an egg paraditoide.

Other: ETL is 10% damaged leaves.

(9). Mealy bug

Scientific name: Brevennia rehi

Family: Pseudococcidae

Identification: Appearance is reddish.

Symptom of damage: Stunted plants in patches.

Management: Systemic insecticides.

Other: Crowded nymphs in leaf sheath.

(10). Rice case worm

Scientific name: Paraponyx stagnalis

Family: Crambidae


Larva: Pale yellow translucent larvae.
Head is red.
Adults have pale brown wavy markings.

Symptom of damage

Whitish papery leaves.
Presence of leaf case.

Management: Systemic insecticide.

Other: Another name is rice case bearer.

(11). Rice Skipper

Scientific name: Pelopidas mathias

Family: Hesperiidae

Identification: Slender green larva.

Light brown wings.
Wings have orange markings.

Symptom of damage:

Downside rolling of leaves.
Webbing is present.

Management: Systemic insecticide.

Other: Another name is black branded swift.

(12). Stem borer

Scientific name: Scirpophaga incertulas

Family: Crambidae


Pale yellow with dark head.
Males are reddish brown.

Symptom of damage: Formation of dead heart is the characteristic symptom.

Management: Trichogramma japonica is egg parasitoid.

Other: Dead heart ETL is 25%.

(13). Swarming caterpillar

Scientific name: Spodoptera mauritia

Family: Noctidae


Yellowish white lateral stripes.
Adult is dark grey brown.

Symptom of damage: Presence of cut seedlings in large quantity.

Management: Systemic insecticide

Other: Another name is army worm.

(14). Thrips

Scientific name: Stenchaetothrips biforms

Family: Thripidae


Larvae are pale yellow.
Adults: Dark brown slender adults with hair-fringed wings.

Symptom of damage:

Discolored leaves.
Terminal rolling of leaves.

Management: Systemic insecticide.

(15). White backed plant hopper

Scientific name: Sogatella furcifera

Family: Delphacidae

Identification: White band on back.

Symptom of damage:

Hopper burn is the characteristic symptom.

Management: Systemic insecticide

(16). Whorl maggot

Scientific name: Hydrellia sasakii

Family: Ephydridae


Larva is yellow.
Adult is a dark gray fly.

Symptom of damage:

Yellowish white blotches.
Drooping of tip leaves.

Management: Systemic insecticide.

Other: ETL is 25% damaged leaves

(16). Yellow hairy caterpillar

Scientific name: Psalis pennatula

Family: Erebidae


Yellowish brown larva with red stripes.
Moths have dark brown colour forwings.

Symptom of damage: Defoliation of leaves.

Management: Systemic insecticide.

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