Intellectual Property Rights One Liner

Intellectual Property Rights One Line and Answer Key

This page includes important points of Intellectual Property Rights and answer key for MCQ on IPR.

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Answer key

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Answer key 01-10

01: IPR stands for Intellectual Property Rights.

02: None of the above because all are the type of IP.

03: The modern concept of IP developed in England during 17-18th century.

04: The main purpose of IP is to support new ideas.

05: IPR is indivisible.

06: PBR stands for Plant Breeder’s Rights.

08: PBR gives an exclusive control to a plant breeder over following materials

  • Seeds.
  • Cuttings.
  • Divisions.
  • Tissue culture.
  • Cut flowers.
  • Fruits.
  • Foliage.

09: To qualify to get PBR a variety must be new, distinct, and uniform.

10: A plant variety will be considered new, if it has not been commercialized for more than one year.

Answer Key 11-20

12: A plant breeder has to submit seeds to national office. Exclusive rights are granted for 20/25 years, or 25/30 years for trees and vines).

13: Individuals, companies, and association of personscan use conventional IPR.

15: Trademark is related to logowork.

16: The unorthodox or innovative IPRs include Industrial Design, geographical Indications, plant varieties and semi conductor layout design.

17: Other organisations involved in IPR in India are as follows

  • CII: Confederation of Indian Industries. ASSOCHAM: Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industries.
  • Department of Science and Technology TIFAC: Technical Information Forecasting and Assessment Council.

19: Criteria for registration of new plant variety are as follows

Novelty: A variety should not have been commercialized for more than one year.

Distinctiveness: Characteristics.

Uniformity: Uniform in appearance.

Stability: Stable in appearance over generations.

Answer Key 21-25

21: The dual right under PPV & FR Act, 2001 are as follows

  • One is for the variety and,
  • Other is for the denomination.

22: EDV stands for Essentially Derived Varieties.

24: Seed sovereignty is defined as the right “to breed and exchange diverse open-sourced seeds”.