Is Bora and Ber Same?

Is Bora and Ber the Same?

Yes Bora and Ber are same. Both the words are used for each other.

Name is same but species are different.

Bora is the name of a fruit.

But, bora is local name for the wild species of ber which is known as Jungli Ber or Indian Jujube.

And, ber is the widely accepted term for the common ber fruit across the India. It also includes apple ber.

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Differences Between Bora and Ber

BoraDesi Ber
More acidicLess acidic
Plant is a shrubPlant develops in a tree
Berry size is smallBerry size is slightly bigger
It is a plant of forest areaIt is a plant of village area
BoraApple Ber
More acidicVery low acidic
Plant is a shrubPlant develops in amedium size tree
Berry size is smallBerry is size way bigger
It is a plant of forest areaIt is a commercially cultivated variety of ber

Bora in Hindi = बोरा।

बेर = बोरा।

Ber = Bora = Boro

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Important Points:

  • Ber is native of India.
  • Indian Jujube is a very hardy plant.
  • The Indian Jujube has numerous medicinal properties.
  • Apple ber is a variety of ber.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 01. Where can I get Indian Jujube?

Answer: You can find it near forest area. Although, it can be found from a barren land.

Question 02. Is Indian Jujube poisonous?

Answer: No, it is not a poisonous plant.

Question 03. What is the season of fruiting?

Answer: Fruiting season is September – December.

Question 04. What is the commercial use of Indian Jujube?

Answer: It’s potential use is in the field of medicine.


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