JRF Memory Based Questions

This page includes Memory Based Questions and their Answer form JRF (2009 to recent exams). Read these questions. For more questions you will see updates at the bottom of the page.

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JRF Memory Based Questions

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Paragraph 01: JRF MCQ

Question 01. Constitution of National Commission of Farmers in the year..? 

(a). 18th No., 2002. 
(b). 18th No., 2003. 
(c). 18th No., 2004. 
(d). 18th Nov., 2005. 

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Question 02. DG of ICAR is..? 

(a). Dr. S. Ayyappan. 
(b). Trilochan Mohapatra. 
(c). H. Haberlandt. 
(d). None of the above.

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Question 03. No. of KVK in India in the year 2013 was..? 

(a). 600. 
(b). 620. 
(c). 630. 
(d). 640. 

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Question 04. Wolf apple is common name of..? 

(a). Pineapple. 
(b). Tomato. 
(c). Apple. 
(d). Pear. 

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Question 05. …. nutrients are included under nutrient based subsidy?
(a). 1. 
(b). 5. 
(c). 2. 
(d). 4. 

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Question 06. Laghaemoglobin pigment is present in..? 

(a). Root nodules of legume. 
(b). Root nodules of solanaceae. 
(c). Root nodules of cucurbits. 
(d). Root legumes of cereals. 

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Question 07. What was nutrient based subsidy for Nitrogen in 2013-14 in Rs.? 

(a). 18.88/Kg. 
(b). 20.87/Kg. 
(c). 22.88/Kg. 
(d). 21 83/Kg. 

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Question 08. Bean common mosaic disease is caused by..? 

(a). BYMV. 
(b). Pot virus. 
(c). BVMV 
(d). None of the above. 

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Question 09. Average rainfall of the country is..?

(a). 1288 mm. 
(b). 1042 mm
(c). 980 mm. 
(d). 1194 mm.

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Question 10. Browning of cauliflower is caused due to..? 

(a). Boron deficiency. 
(b). Mn deficiency. 
(c). Mo deficiency. 
(d). Cu deficiency. 

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Paragraph 02: JRF Memory Based

Question 11. …. is responsible for osmotic and ionic balance in plants?
(a). K.
(b). C. 
(c). Na. 
(d). P. 

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Question 12. Which KVK was awarded by best KVK award in 2013? 

(a). Hamirpur, Datia. 
(b). Ariyalur, Cuddalore. 
(c). Dhakrani, Dehradun. 
(d). Kamasin, Banda. 

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Question 13. Sugar recovery in India is..? 

(a). 6 – 8%. 
(b). 9 – 10%. 
(c). 5 – 6%. 
(d). 10 – 12%. 

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Question 14. India’s rank in rice production is..? 

(a). 1st. 
(b). 2nd. 
(c). 3rd. 
(d). 4th. 

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Question 15. Most recently formed soil type is..? 

(a). Alluvial. 
(b). Illuvium. 
(c). Both a and b. 
(d). None of the above. 

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Question 16. Bt cotton is mainly attacked by..? 

(a). Chewing type of inspect. 
(b). Cutting type of pests. 
(c). Both a and b. 
(d). Sucking type of pests. 

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Question 17. Pusa chamatkar is a variety of..? 

(a). Pea. 
(b). Chick pea. 
(c). Ground nut. 
(d). Tomato. 

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Question 18. Record that is used for maintaining relationship between parents and offspring is..?

(a). Gene record. 
(b). Pedigree record. 
(c). Family record. 
(d). Pure line record. 

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Question 19. ICAR’s Norman Borlaug Award is given after …..? 

(a). Once in 4 years. 
(b). Once in 3 years. 
(c). Once in 2 years. 
(d). Once in 5 years. 

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Question 20. Indian Village Scheme is associated with….? 

(a). S. N. Gupta. 
(b). S. N. Das. 
(c). G. N. Saini. 
(d). D. G. Sharma. 

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Paragraph 03: JRF Quiz

Question 21. National Farmers Day is celebrated on..? 

(a). 23rd Dec.
(b). 24th Dec. 
(c). 22th Dec. 
(d). 21st Dec. 

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Question 22. Thornless variety of rose is..? 

(a). Himani. 
(b). Chitra. 
(c). Rubi. 
(d). Tushar. 

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Question 23. Most common bulb vegetable crops are..?
(a). Onion. 
(b). Garlic. 
(c). Both a and b.  
(d). Leek. 

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Question 24. Which is known as dairy plant..?

(a). Soybean. 
(b). Onion. 
(c). Potato. 
(d). Tomato.

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Paragraph: JRF Memory Based Multiple Choice Objective Questions (MCQ)

Question 25. The curve of normal distribution is..? 

(a). Bell shaped curve. 
(b). Triangular curve. 
(c). Rectangular curve. 
(d). Sharp curve. 

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Question 26. The correlation coefficient varies between..? 

(a). 1 to +2. 
(b). 1 to +3. 
(c). 1 to +1. 
(d). 1 to +4. 

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Question 27. Directorate of mushroom research is situated at..? 

(a). Solan, H.P. 
(b). Jabalpur, M.P. 
(c). Kanpur, U.P. 
(d). Jaipur, Rajasthan. 

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Question 28. Father of plant pathology is..? 

(a). K. Vasal. 
(b). Millardet. 
(c). D. J. Smith. 
(d). H. Haberlandt. 

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Question 29. First vegetable crop under Bt approval in India is?

(a). Tomato. 
(b). Cucurbits. 
(c). Brinjal. 
(d). Okra. 

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Paragraph 04: Junior Research Fellowship MCQ

Question 30. Bhima is a variety of..? 

(a). Onion. 
(b). Garlic. 
(c). Potato. 
(d). Tomato. 

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Question 31. Urea is hydrolyzed by which enzyme? 

(a). Amilase. 
(b). Peptidase. 
(c). Both a and b. 
(d). Urease. 

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Question 32. Progeny of breeder seed is..? 

(a). Breeder seed. 
(b). Certified seed. 
(c). Foundation seed. 
(d). None of the above. 

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Question 33. Quality protein maize was developed by…. gene? 

(a). Zmhak-27. 
(b). Glu-37. 
(c). Opaque-2. 
(d). All of the above. 

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Question 34. The permanent property of soil is..? 

(a). Soil structure. 
(b). Soil texture. 
(c). Soil colour. 
(d). Soil composition.

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Question 35. Fern leaf disease is caused by..? 

(a). Boron deficiency. 
(b). Copper deficiency. 
(c). Zinc deficiency. 
(d). Iron deficiency. 

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Question 36. Element responsible for stability of protien structure is..? 

(a). Ca.
(b). Zn. 
(c). Iron. 
(d). Sulphur. 

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Question 37. Marsh spot of pea is caused by..? 

(a). Zn deficiency. 
(b). Mn deficiency. 
(c). De deficiency. 
(d). Ca deficiency. 

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Question 38. Leading state in isabgol production is..? 

(a). UP. 
(b). AP. 
(c). Punjab. 
(d). Rajasthan. 

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Question 39. Surface temperature of sun is about..? 

(a). 5000 °K. 
(b). 7000 °K. 
(c). 8000 °K 
(d). 6000 °K 

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Paragraph: 05

Question 40. Mentha arvensis is a….? 

(a). Aromatic plant. 
(b). Flower plant. 
(c). Vegetable plant. 
(d). Fruit plant. 

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Question 41. Group of bacteria, actinomycetes, fungi and algae is..?
(a). Micro flora. 
(b). Macro flora. 
(c). Both a and b. 
(d). None of the above. 

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Question 42. Biggest rural scheme is..? 

(a). Gurgaon project. 
(b). Land to Lab Program. 
(c). MGNREGA. 
(d). Crop insurance. 

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Question 43. In groundnuts aflatoxin is produced by..? 

(a). Aspergillus flavus. 
(b). Aspergillus Niger. 
(c). Aspergillus afinis. 
(d). Aspergillus arvii. 

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Question 44. White grub mainly confined with..? 

(a). Clay soil. 
(b). Black cotton soil. 
(c). Loam soil. 
(d). Dry sandy loam soil. 

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Question 45. Per capita cultivable land availability (ha.) in India is..? 

(a). 0.25. 
(b). 0.35. 
(c). 0.15. 
(d). 0.45.

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Question 46. Terminator technology has been developed for..? 

(a). Mango. 
(b). Rose. 
(c). Bean. 
(d). Cotton. 

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Question 47. Bag colour of certified seed is..? 

(a). Blue. 
(b). White. 
(c). Yellow. 
(d). Brown. 

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Question 48. Protein synthesis takes place in..? 

(a). Smooth ER. 
(b). Rough ER. 
(c). Both a and b. 
(d). None of the above.

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Question 49. Vitamins are chemically..? 

(a). Enzymes. 
(b). Fat. 
(c). Protein. 
(d). All of the above. 

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Question 50. Country leading in pear production is..? 

(a). China. 
(b). USA. 
(c). Canada. 
(d). Russia. 

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Paragraph: 06

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