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Answer 01-10

01: A leader is a person whose behaviour stimulates action in a group.

02: Leadership is the ability to influence a group towards achievement of goal, or objective, or purpose. It is the process of influencing the behaviour of individuals in a given situation. It is the phenomenon of influencing, guiding and directing the actions and thought of the people in the intended direction.

03: Self proclaimed is not a type of leader?

04: An autocratic leader thinks he is always correct.

05: In democratic leadership, rocess is slow but results are good.

06: Alaissez-fair leader is not able to take judgement. He doesn’t take any responsibility and productivity is quite low.

07: The role of a leader are as follows:

  • Group advisor.
  • As an analyzer.
  • Grop advisor and co-ordinator.

08: Personality theory focuses on personal qualities.

09: Great Man theory is based on personality theory.

10: Trait theory is modification of Great man theory.

Answer 11-20

11: Intelligence and personality are the required illustrative qualities.

12: Meaning of intelligence.

Intelligence enough to understand the context and content of their position and function.

13: The limitations of trait theory are as follows:

  • It is not based on systematic development of concepts and principles.
  • The trait theory does not try to relate particular traits to performance, behaviour and effectiveness of leaders.

14: In initiating structure, Member satisfaction is low but high productivity with high score.

15: According to the Ohio State Studies, the another dimension of leader behaviour is consideration dimension.

16: According to the Michigan University studies, production-oriented leader behaviour is related to initiating structure.

17: According to the Michigan University studies, employee-oriented leader behaviour is related to consideration.

18: Robert Blake and Jane Mouton developed Managerial Grid?

19: Managerial Grid is a Graphic model.

20: In Managerial Grid,

  • Concern for production runs along with horizontal dimension.
  • There are 81 possible combinations.

Answer 21-25

21: Fred Fielder developed contingency theory.

22: Factors involved in contingency theory are as follows:

  • Task structure.
  • Position power.
  • Leader and member relation.

23: Robert house developed Path-Goal theory.

24: Path-Goal theory is one of the most approaches to understand leadership.

25 Match the followings:

Autocratic leader: Believes in himself
Democratic leader: Joint decision
Lasisez-fair: Gies little advice