List of subjects in M.Sc. Horticulture

List of subjects in M.Sc. Horticulture

  • Floriculture.
  • Olericulture.
  • Pomology.
  • Post Harvest Technology.
List of contents
(1). Topics on floriculture
(2). Topics in olericulture
(3). Topics in pomology
(4). Topics in post harvest technology

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(1). Topics on floriculture

Part 1/2

  • History of gardening.
  • Importance of ornamental horticulture.
  • Indian floriculture industry.
  • Global floriculture industry.
  • Breeding of ornamentals.
  • Cut flower crops.
  • Loose flower crops.
  • Cut flowers.
  • Dried ornamentals.
  • Ornaments for drying.
  • Ornamentals in greenhouse.
  • Post harvest handling of cut flowers.
  • Cut foliage and pot plants.
  • Flower perfumery.
  • Bonsai.
  • Flower arrangement.
  • Cultivars of ornamentals developed in India.

Part 2/2

  • Home landscaping.
  • Indoor gardening.
  • Indoor ornamental plants.
  • Landscape plants.
  • Ornamental trees.
  • Ornamental shrubs.
  • Ornamental climbers.
  • Ornamental annuals.
  • Ornamental bulbus plants.
  • Lawn management.
  • Lawn grasses.
  • Water gardens.
  • Medicinal and aromatic plants.
  • Protection for plant varieties of ornamentals.

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(2). Topics in olericulture

  • Introduction to olericulture.
  • Classification of vegetable crops.
  • Solanaceous and malvaceous vegetable crops.
  • Cruciferous vegetable crops.
  • Cucurbitaceous vegetable crops.
  • Leguminous vegetable crops.
  • Bulb vegetable crops.
  • Root vegetable crops.
  • Tuber vegetable crops.
  • Leafy and salad vegetable crops.
  • Perennial vegetable crops.
  • Important scientist contribution to vegetable farming.
  • Seed production in vegetable crops.
  • Temperature regulation in vegetable crops.
  • Role of PGR in vegetable crops.
  • Insect-pests of vegetable crops and its management.

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(3). Topics in pomology

  • Basic pomology.
  • Classification of fruit crops.
  • Tropical fruit crops.
  • Humid zone tropical fruit crops.
  • Subtropical zone fruit crops.
  • Temperate zone fruit crops.
  • Arid and semiarid zone fruit crops.
  • Major diseases of fruit crops.

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(4). Topics in post harvest technology

  • Storage and storage units.
  • Types of storage.
  • Jam, jelly, marmalade.
  • Post harvest treatments.
  • Dehydration, curing, irradiation, etc.
  • Post harvest diseases and its management.
  • Management of insect-pests.
  • Scope of post harvest technology in India.
  • Food processing in India.

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