Macroeconomics Mock Test

Macroeconomics Mock Test

The post Macroeconomics Mock Test includes link of objective mcq or multiple choice questions from macroeconomics.

Macroeconomics free mock test.

(1). Why Macroeconomics Mock Test?
(2). Topics of the mock test
(3). Link of the mock test
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(1). Why Macroeconomics Mock Test?

1.1: Agricultural entrance examinations

  • Junior research fellowship.
  • Senior research fellowship.
  • State Agricultural University Test such as Common Entrance Test.
  • CET PG.
  • CET PhD.
  • BHU UET.
  • Pre Agricultural Test.
  • IBPS Agricultural Field Officer,

1.2: Agricultural government jobs

  • Rural agricultural extension officer. Senior agricultural development of officer.
  • Assistant director of agriculture.
  • Rural horticultural extension officer. Senior horticulture extension officer. Assistant director of horticulture.

1.3: Non agricultural entrance examinations

  • Bank examinations.
  • State public service commission. Union public service commission.
  • CG vyapam.
  • MP vyapam.
  • Various common entrance tests.

(2). Topics of the mock test

2.1: Introduction to macroeconomics

  • History of macroeconomics: Origin, mojor economists, Keynes, Keynesian economics.
  • Theories: Businesses cycle theory, monetary theory, money supply, price level, monetarism, Phillips curve.
  • New classical macroeconomics.
  • Real business cycle.
  • Regional economics.
  • National economics.
  • Global economics.
  • Interest rate and taxes.
  • Economic growth.
  • Gross domestic product.
  • Unemployment and unemployment rates.
  • Price indices.
  • Output.
  • Consumption.
  • Inflation.
  • Saving.
  • Investment.
  • Internal trade.
  • International finance.
  • Fiscal policy.
  • Accelerator effect.

2.2: Macroeconomics models: (1). Aggregate demand – aggregate supply, inflationary gap, demand pull inflation, cost push inflation. (2). IS – LM model, investment saving, liquidity preference, aggregate demand curve, IS curve, independent variable, dependent variable, multiplier effect, LM curve, transaction demand, speculative method, opportunity cost. (3). Growth model, neoclassical growth model of Robert Solow, production function.

2.3: Basic concepts of macroeconomics

  • Output and income.
  • GDP.
  • National income.
  • Business cycle.
  • Macroeconomic policies.
  • Unemployment.
  • Labor force.
  • Inflation and deflation.

2.4: Macroeconomics policies

  • Monetary policy.
  • Yield curve.
  • Fiscal policy.
  • Comparison.
  • Automatic stabilizers.

2.5: Type of mock test

This is an online mock test. The mqc page includes only objective questions the links of its answer key page.

2.6: Format of the test

The format of the test is objective mcq or multiple choice objective questions. Each question consists 4 options. Options are in the format of a, b, c, and d. All questions have been given an answer. There is no time limit. Test will remain on the same till the end of the test.


Question 01. What is macroeconomics?

(a). Answer is a.
(b). Answer is b.
(c). Answer is c.
(d). Answer is d.

See answer

Number of total questions

There are total 50 questions in this online mock test page.

Major subject

The major subject is agricultural economics.

(3). Link of the mock test

Macroeconomics mcq multiple choice questions

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