Mango Shoot Borer: Damages and Control

Mango shoot borer

Mango shoot borer is one of the most harmful pest of mango. It is a pest of nursery stage of a mango orchard. This pest cause serious damage to young plants. Incident is very severe during monsoon.

Topics: Introduction to mango shoot borer, identification, life cycle, nature of damage, control and management practices.

Introduction: Mango shoot borer

Common nameMango shoot borer
Scientific nameChlumetia transvera Walker

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  • Young caterpillars are yellowish orange in colour.
  • It has characteristic dark brown prothoracic shield.
  • Fully grown caterpillar are dark pink with dirty spots.


  • It is a small greyish moth.

Life cycle

  • Female lays eggs on tender leaves of plants. Eggs are laid singly.
  • Eggs hatch in 2-3 days.
  • Freshly hatched caterpillars bore into mid-ribs of tender shoots near the growing point tunneling downwards and throwing their excreta out of entrance hole.

Larva has five instars. It is completed in 11-13 days. The full grown larva enters into slits and cracks the bark of tree. Inflorescence dries and become malformed. Larva crevices in soil for pupation. It lasts for 12-15 days.

The life cycle occupies 30-42 days.

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Nature of damage

Damage is done by the larvae by boring into young shoots of mango plant.
Leaves of affected shoots wither and droop down. The young grafted plants are very susceptible. Plant may die when attack is severe.

Control and management

  • Remove and burn the dried shoots immediately.
  • Use 1.2 liter of endosulfon 35EC in 1750 ml of water

Key words

  • Young mango shoot is dying.
  • Death of terminal shoots of mango plant.

Frequently asked question

Question 01: Is there any natural enemy of

Answer: Bracon greeni parasites the larvae of this pest.

Question 02: What are the other important pests of mango?

Answer: The other important pests of mango are as follows

  • Mango hopper
  • Mealy bug
  • Scale insect

Question 03: How important is this pest?

Answer: Economically this pest is very important. This can cause heavy damage to a newly established mango orchard.

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