Maximum egg production tips

Basic rules for getting maximum eggs for hens

The main objective of any poultry farm is to get maximum egg production from the egg laying hens or layers. In this post, we will know about some important points for maximum egg production. Keep all things in mind for more benefit.

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Suggestion 01:

  • Management practices should be proper and systematic.
  • Immediately transfer the egg laying hens into the share house.
  • Cut the beak (pecking) at the right time.
  • Vaccinate the chicks at the right time.
  • Use antibiotics at the right time.
  • Complete all the tasks at a defined time.

Suggestion 02:

  • Buy chicks from an authentic hatchery.
  • Chicks should carry their ancestral qualities qualities.
  • This practice will prevent the diseases which originate from a hatchery.

Suggestion 03:

  • The quality and quantity of the poultry feed determine the size and quality of eggs.
  • Poultry feed should be of best quality.

Suggestion 04:

  • The ege of all hens in a flock should be  same.
  • Some chicks mature earlier than others.
  • Don’t keep different age hens in the same flock.
  • Separate very old hens from the flock.
  • Do not keep young hens among with the adult hens.
  • All hens should start laying egg at the same time.

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Suggestion 05:

  • Management of light inside the poultry house is very important for quality egg production.
  • Artificial light plays important role.
  • Don’t expose them to light during the grower stage.
  • Provide artificial light for 7 days when hens start to lay eggs.
  • Give 1/2 hours of extra light.
  • Poultry house should receive 16 to 17 hours of light.
  • Don’t reduce it.
S.N.StagesRequirement of light
1.Duration of light during high egg productionProvide 16 hours of light
2.If it is less than 85%Provide 17 hours of light
3.If it is less than 75%Provide 18 hours of light
For longer egg production period

Suggestion 06:

  • Make your poultry feed nutritious.
  • The quality of the poultry feed, e.g., lack of minerals and vitamins affects the egg.
  • Use vitamin tablets in poultry feed and water.
  • Similarly, give antibiotics through poultry feed and water.

Suggestion 07:

  • Calculate the amout of poultry feed.
  • Insufficient availability of poultry feed may cause nutritional disorders and low egg production.
  • Excess feeding causes an increase in body weight, but it will reduce the overall egg production.
  • Rapid change in poultry feed may affect the quality of eggs.

Suggestion 08:

  • Regularly change the litter of poultry house.
  • Disinfect the poultry house on regular basis.
  • Always give fresh water.

Suggestion 09:

  • Culling should be done at the right time.

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