MCQ on Breeding of Ornamentals

Breeding of Ornamental Plant Crops

Read MCQs on breeding of ornamental plant crops. Topics: History of breeding in ornamentals. Breeding of rose, chrysanthemum, carnation, gladiolus, Bougainvillea, and other flower crops. Methods of breeding.

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MCQ on breeding of ornamentals

Question 01. The first artificial hybrid in an annual flower crop was developed by crossing sweet william with

(a). Carnation
(b). Rose
(c). Lilly
(d). Orchid

Question 02. Who developed the following varieties of rose:

  • Heart Throb
  • Raja Ram Mohan Roy
  • Sugandha
  • Kalima
  • Pandit Nehru
  • Floribundas

(a). B. K. Roychaudhary
(b). G Kasturi Rangan
(c). Dr. B. P. Pal
(d). Bhattacharjee

Question 03. Which is a no pinch, no stake type cultivar of chrysanthemum?

(a). Sharad Singar
(b). Hemant Singar
(c). Guldasta
(d). All of the above

Question 04. Which of the following institute developed the first variety of carnation?

(a). IVRI
(b). IIHR
(c). IARI
(d). TNAU

Question 05. What are the objectives of flower breeding programmes?

1. Improving quality
2. Induction of variation
3. High flower yield
4. Biotic resistance

(a). Only 1 and 3
(b). Only 2 and 4
(c). Only 3 and 4
(d). All are the objectives of flower breeding programmes

Methods of breeding

Question 06. Which is not a plant introduction agency of India?

(a). National Bureau of Plant Genetic Resources, New Delhi
(b). Forest Research Institute ,Dehradun
(c). Central Rice Research Institute
(d). The Botanical Survey of India

Question 07. When is selection more efficient? 

(a). When genetic variation is present in the base population
(b). When genetic variation is not present in the base population
(c). Both a and b
(d). None of the above

Question 08. Apsara is an example of

(a). Inter varietal hybrid of gladiolus
(b). Distant hybridization variety of gladiolus
(c). Inter specific variety of gladiolus
(d). None of the above

Question 09. Which is an example of spontaneous mutations in chrysanthemum?

(a). Pusa Christiana: Mutant of Christian Dior, Gamma rays induced
(b). Abhisarika: Mutant of ‘Kiss of Fire
(c). Madhosh: Mutant of ‘Gulzar’, EMS (i.e. 0.025% for 8 hours)
(d). All of the above

Question 10. Which is an trisomic variety of rose?

(a). Chitra
(b). Mohini
(c). Princess
(d). All of the above

Question 11. Cinderella is a prominent introduction in which of the following ornamental?

(a). Rose
(b). Carnation
(c). Alstroemeria
(d). Bougainvillea

Question 12. Which is true about selection?

1. Selection is effective for heritable difference only
2. Selection creates variation
3. Variation must be heritable for selection

(a). Only 1 and 3 are true
(b). Only 2 and 3 are true
(c). Only 1 and 2 are true
(d). All are true

Question 13. Who proposed pureline?

(a). Johansen
(b). Gregor Mendel
(c). Ake Gustafsson
(d). None of the above

Question 14. What is EMS?

(a). It is a non-transgenic chemical mutagen
(b). It is a transgenic chemical mutagen
(c). Both a and b
(d). None of the above

Question 15. Which is the first genetically engineered flower crop?

(a). Petunia
(b). Chrysanthemum
(c). Both a and b
(d). None of the above

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