MCQ On Dairy Farming

Multiple Choice Objective Questions: MCQ On Dairy Farming

Quiz: MCQ On Dairy Farming
Type: Multiple Choice Objective Questions
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Read objective question on dairy farming. MCQ On Dairy Farming includes objective questions from modern dairy farming. These questions are important for all agricultural competiion exams.

Dairy farming multiple choice objective questions: MCQ on dairy farming

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Question 01. What is the capacity of a single room system cattle shed?

(a). It is 40 – 50 cattle.
(b). Minimum 10 – 15 cattle.
(c). It is 15 – 20 cattle.
(d). Maximum 35 – 45 cattle.

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Question 02. What is the maximum width of a cattle shed in face to face system?

(a). The maximum width of cattle shed is 30 feet.
(b). The maximum width of cattle shed is 45 feet.
(c). The maximum width of cattle shed is 15 feet.
(d). The maximum width of cattle shed is 37 feet.

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Question 03. Which is not a structure of a dairy farm?

(a). Milk recording room.
(b). Heifer shed.
(c). Labour room.
(d). All are the structure of a dairy farm.

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Question 04. Which is not a good method of thumb knot?

(a). Fisting method.
(b). Full hand milking.
(c). Milking with the pressure of thumb knot.
(d). All of the above.

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Question 05. Machine milking is popular in..?

(a). India.
(b). Sri Lanka.
(c). Pakistan.
(d). Western developed countries.

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Question 06. A dairy cow should have..

(a). Globular body shape.
(b). Triangular body shape.
(c). Rectangular body shape.
(d). None of the above.

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Question 07. Full form of AMS is..

(a). Animal milking systems.
(b). Automatic milking systems.
(c). Auto milking synchronization.
(d). None of the above.

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Question 08. Amul dairy was established in the year..

(a). 1947.
(b). 1945.
(c). 1944.
(d). 1946.

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Question 09. What is the meaning of skimming of milk?

(a). To increase fat in milk.
(b). To reduce fat from milk.
(c). Increase cream in milk.
(d). All of the above.

Question 10. The process of skimming..

(a). Increases the specific gravity of milk.
(b). Decreases the specific gravity of milk.
(c). It doesn’t effect the specific gravity of milk.
(d). None of the above.

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Question 11. What is the role of Gerber’s method?

(a). Determination of protein in milk.
(b). It is the deterioration process of fat in milk.
(c). Determination of pure water in milk.
(d). None of the above.

Question 12. On an average an Ayershire cow gives …. litter of milk in its milking peruod

(a). 400.
(b). 500.
(c). 300.
(d). 700.

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Question 13. The native place of brown swiss is..

(a). Lancashire.
(b). Wales.
(c). Scotland.
(d). Switzerland.

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Question 14. Which one of the following breed of buffalo high percentage of milk-fat?

(a). Bhadawari.
(b). Murrah.
(c). Mehsana.
(d). Nili.

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Question 15. Milk mirror is a part of..

(a). Neck.
(b). Quarters.
(c). Trunk.
(d). Head.

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Question 16. Who is considered as the father of white revolution in India?

(a). Verghese Kurien.
(b). Julia Beatty. 
(c). Katherine Belov.
(d). Henri Marie Bouley.

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Question 17. Which is the most disastrous disease of dairy industries?

(a). Mastitis.
(b). Anthrax.
(c). F. M. D.
(d). Johnes disease.

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Question 18. A register to keep all the necessary records..

(a). Farm register.
(b). Cattle register.
(c). Dairy register.
(d). All of the above.

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Question 19. Pregnancy period of a cow is..

(a). 9 months 9 days.
(b). 10 months 10 days.
(c). 12 months 12 days.
(d). None of the above.

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Question 20. Pregnancy period of a buffalo is..

(a). 11 months 11 days.
(b). 10 months 10 days.
(c). 13 months 13 days.
(d). None of the above.

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Question 21 – 25 (Source: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Composition of Foods, Agriculture Handbook no. 8-1)

Composition of milk per 100 g.

Question 21. Fat in cow milk in g..

(a). 3.34.
(b). 2.35.
(c). 4.67.
(d). 1.34.

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Question 22. Protein in cow milk in g..

(a). 3.76.
(b). 3.29.
(c). 2.89.
(d). 5.00.

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Question 23. Which is true about sheep milk..

(a). Fat quantity in per 100 g milk is less than cow’s milk.
(b). It is less than the quantity of fat present in buffalo’s milk.
(c). More than others.
(d). None of the above.

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Question 24. Quantity of calcium is highest in the milk of..

(a). Cow.
(b). Goat.
(c). Buffalo.
(d). Sheep.

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Question 25. Which sequence of milk categories and energy (Kcal) is in low to high?

(a). Goat > sheep > buffalo > sheep.
(b). Cow > goat > buffalo > sheep.
(c). Buffalo > goat > sheep > cow.
(d). Sheep > goat > buffalo > cow.

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