MCQ On Dragon Fruit

MCQ on dragon fruit

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Dragon fruit mcq: Multiple choice objective questions

Question 01. To which region is the dragon fruit indigenous?

(a). Americas
(b). China
(c). Sahara desert
(d). Kalahari desert

Question 02. What is the scientific name of dragon fruit?

(a). Stenocereus gummosus
(b). Selenicereus costaricensis
(c). Hylocereus undatus
(d). None of the above

Question 03. When was dragon fruit introduced in India?

(a). 1976
(b). 1990
(c). 2006
(d). 1987

Question 04. Of which vitamin is pitaya a rich source?

(a). Vitamin A
(b). Vitamin B
(c). Vitamin C
(d). Vitamin K

Question 05. Which of the following country is the world’s largest producer of pitaya?

(a). Mexico
(b). China
(c). India
(d). Vietnam

Question 06. Which of the following country is the world’s largest exporter of pitaya?

(a). Vietnam
(b). Israel
(c). Thailand
(d). Philippines

Question 07. Which type of soil is ideal for the cultivation of dragon fruit?

(a). Soil rich in organic matter
(b). Soil rich in inorganic matter
(c). Both a and
(d). None of the above

Question 08. At what time do flowers bloom in this plant?

(a). At morning
(b). At noon
(c). At evening
(d). At night

Question 09. How many fruiting cycle are there in this plant?

(a). 1
(b). 2
(c). 4-6
(d). More than 10 fruiting cycles

Question 10. What is the propagation method in dragon fruit?

(a). Seed
(b). Stem cutting
(c). Both a and b
(d). Rhizhomes

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