MCQ on Floriculture: CET, JRF, SRF, NET

MCQ on Floriculture: CET, JRF, SRF, NET

Read MCQs on Floriculture. Multiple choice objective questions. Online quiz. Online mock test. Topics: Gardens, gardening, flower trade, cut flowers, loose flowers, landscaping, xeriscaping, flower breeding, national flowers, cut green, physiological disorders, others.

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Floriculture MCQ: Garden and gardening

Question 01. Which garden is regarded as genesis of garden?

(a). Osaka
(b). Eden
(c). Brindavan
(d). None of the above

Question 02. Of which garden is Baradari a special feature?

(a). French garden
(b). English garden
(c). Chinese garden
(d). Mughal garden

Question 03. For which style of gardening first plan is made on paper and then executed in field?

(a). Free style garden
(b). Wild style garden
(c). Formal garden
(d). Informal garden

Question 04. What type of of plant is Hyphaene thebaica?

(a). Only a branching plant
(b). Only a non-branching
(c). Non-branching with edible fruits
(d). Branching with edible fruits

Question 05. Which of the following is sand garden?

(a). Roji-niwa
(b). Ryoanji
(c). Soto-roji
(d). Rathai-seki

Question 06. Which is not an example of floral garden?

(a). English garden
(b). Italian garden
(c). Mughal garden
(d). French garden

Question 07. By what name is the National Botanical Research Institute also known as?

(a). Wajid Ali Shah
(b). Sikandar Bagh
(c). Roshnara Bagh
(d). None of the above

Question 08. Who was the first Mughal to enter Kashmir?

(a). Jahangir
(b). Babur
(c). Shah Jahan
(d). Akbar

Question 09. Which two types of gardens were common during Mughal period?

(a). Pleasure garden
(b). Tomb garden
(c). Both a and b
(d). None of the above

Question 10. Which is not a style of garden?

(a). Formal garden
(b). Informal garden
(c). Free style garden
(d). Advance garden

Flower industry and landscaping

Question 11. Which of the following is not a component of floriculture industry?

(a). Florist trade
(b). Flower perfumery
(c). Painting
(d). Seeds and bulbs

Question 12. Which of the following is an art of arranging land and landscape for human use, convenience and enjoyment?

(a). Landscape design
(b). Landscape architect
(c). Landscape gardening
(d). Floriculture

Question 13. The technology which is ultra modern, less environment dependent and capital intensive having improved productivity with quality produce. Which is this?

(a). Gardening
(b). Landscaping
(c). Hi-tech floriculture
(d). None of these

Question 14. Who is florist?

(a). A researcher
(b). A business person of cut, loose and other floral products
(c). An amateur gardener
(d). All of the above

Question 15. Which is rightly matched?

(a). Switzerland: National flower is Cattleya
(b). Cuba: Ginger lily
(c). Singapore: Tulip
(d). South Africa: Plumeria

Xeriscaping mcq

Question 16. What is xeriscaping?

(a). A type of garden
(b). Landscape design
(c). Desert lawn
(d). None of the above

Question 17. What is the biggest advantage of xeriscaping?

(a). Minimum irrigation
(b). Low cost
(c). No design
(d). All of the above

Question 18. Which is an important international website on floriculture?

(a). vbn dot nl
(b). ahs dot org
(c). floramax dot co dot nz
(d). All of the above

Question 19. Which of following is the leading foliage pot plant at the global level?

(a). Rose
(b). Dracaena
(c). Cymbidium
(d). Geramium

Question 20. Global floriculture industry is growing at a modest rate of…. per cent annum?

(a). 10
(b). 20
(c). 30
(d). 40

Cut flower objective questions

Question 21. Which of the following country is the largest producer of cut flowers in the world?

(a). United States of America
(b). The Netherlands
(c). Israel
(d). France

Question 22. What is the share of India in the global flower market?

(a). Less than 1%
(b). 1%
(c). More than 1%
(d). None of the above

Question 23. Which country is native place to thunbergia?

(a). India
(b). Papua New Guinea
(c). South Africa
(d). Mauritania

Question 24. For pot culture which one of following is an important cultivar of bougainvilea?

(a). Begam Sikandar
(b). Surekha
(c). Archana
(d). Shweta

Question 25. Who of the following is not associated with breeding of gladiolus?

(a). RL Mishra
(b). D Mukherjee
(c). SK Bhattacharjee
(d). SR Dohare

Quiz on floriculture

Question 26. Which is true?

(a). Asian lilium: Chromosome number is 48
(b). European lilium: Chromosome number is 12
(c). North American lilium: Chromosome number is 22
(d). None of the above

Question 27. Of which flower crop is sleepiness a physiological disorder?

(a). Gladiolus
(b). Carnation
(c). Chrysanthemum
(d). All of the above

Question 28. Which of the following is grown on large scale in green house?

(a). Marguerite
(b). Perpetual
(c). Marmaison
(d). Border

Question 29. One kg oil is obtained from how much rose?

(a). 8 tonnes
(b). 10 tonnes
(c). 0.1 ton
(d). 3-4 tonnes

Question 30. 100 g rose fruit syrup contain…. mg ascorbic acid?

(a). 10
(b). 100
(c). 125
(d). 80

Mock test flower production

Question 31. Which is a minor cut green?

(a). Azara
(b). Cocculus
(c). Croton
(d). All of the above

Question 32. Which of the following palm produces most popular cut green?

(a). Caryota
(b). Chamaedorea
(c). Phoenix
(d). None of the above

Question 33. Which of the following loose flower is not a shrub?

(a). Jasmine
(b). Tuberose
(c). Crossandra
(d). Barleria

Question 34. Which of the following is a very common cut flower, loose flower or pot plant in short days?

(a). Rose
(b). Chrysanthemum
(c). Tuberose
(d). Jasmine

Question 35. Which of the following is the quickest method of flower drying?

(a). Microwave
(b). Hot air oven
(c). Solar dryer
(d). Room drying

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