MCQ on gardens of India

MCQ on gardens of India

New questions, or multiple choice questions, or MCQ on Gardens of India. Topics: Mughal, Persian, Botanical, English, and Japanese Gardens. Keep visiting for new questions. These questions are related with gardening. Major subject is Landscape Gardening.

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(1). Mughal Gardens

Question 01. Consider about Dara Shikoh..

1. It is a Mughal Bagh.
2. It is a British Bagh.
3. It is situated on the bank of Jehlum.
4. Conifer is the main tree.
5. Chinars are the main trees.

(a). Only 1, 3, and 5 are true.
(b). Only 2, 4, and 5 are true.
(c). Only 3 and 5 are true.
(d). Only 1 and 4 are true.

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Question 02. Roshanara garden is a..

(a). Persian era garden.
(b). Mughal era garden.
(c). British era garden.
(d). None of the above.

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Question 03. Which one of the following garden is near to Dal lake?

(a). Roshanara Bagh.
(b). Naseem Bagh.
(c). Mehtab Bagh.
(d). Aam Khas Bagh.

Question 04. Which one of the following is the main component of Naseem Baagh?

(a). Chinar tree.
(b). Maple tree.
(c). Apple tree.
(d). Pine trees.

Question 05. The famous Mehtab Bagh or Mehtab garden is the garden of..

(a). Red Fort, Delhi.
(b). Char Minar, Hyderabad.
(c). Taj Mahal, Agra.
(d). None of the above.

Landscape gardening questions

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Question 06. Mehtab Bagh is also known as..

(a). Moonlight graden.
(b). Sunlight garden.
(c). Starlight garden.
(d). Garden of heaven.

Question 07. Which one is not an example of Mughal garden?

(a). Achabal.
(b). Chashme Shahi.
(c). Qudsia Bagh.
(d). Narendra Narayan Park.

Question 08. Sarad Khana in Aam Khas Bagh Complex is a..

(a). A place for tea ceremony.
(b). A perfect air conditioning system.
(c). A place for meditation.
(d). None of the above.

Question 09. Who is the founder of Chashme Shahi?

(a). Akbar the great.
(b). Shah Jahan.
(c). Babur.
(d). Aurangzeb.

Question 10. Which is known as ‘the places of the princes’?

(a). Dara Shikoh.
(b). Qudsia Bagh.
(c). Achabal.
(d). Roshanara Bagh.

(2). Botanical gardens

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Question 11. Which is true about Agri Horticultural Society of India?

1. Year of establishment is 1822.
2. It was founded by William Carey.
3. It has a flower garden.
4. It has a mango orchard.
5. Its location is Delhi.

(a). Only 2 and 3 are true.
(b). Only 1, 2 and 4 are true.
(c). Only 2, 3 and 5 are true.
(d). Only 2 and 4 are true.

Question 12. Biodiversity Park, Visakhapatnam is a..

(a). In situ conservation park.
(b). Ex situ conservation park.
(c). Both a and b.
(d). None of the above.

Question 13. What is the present name of Royal Botanical Garden, Kolkata?

(a). Narendra narayan park.
(b). Sim’s park.
(c). Ekamra kanan.
(d). None of the above.

Question 14. …. is the founding father of Indian botany.

(a). Sir John Macpherson.
(b). William Roxburgh.
(c). Robert Kyd.
(d). Joseph Dalton Hooker.

Question 15. Who founded AJCBIBG in Kolkata?

(a). Jagadish Chandra Bose.
(b). Richard Axelby.
(c). Robert Kyd.
(d). George King.

Floriculture objective questions

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Question 16. Ekamra kanan is a part of..

(a). Regional Plant Resource Centre, Bhubaneswar.
(b). Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi.
(c). ICAR, New Delhi.
(d). None of the above.

Question 17. Who is the architect of Government Botanical Garden, Ooty?

(a). Frank Lloyd Wright.
(b). Bernard Tschumi.
(c). William Graham McIvor.
(d). Renzo Piano.

Question 18. Location of Lal Bagh is..

(a). Mumbai.
(b). Bangalore.
(c). Delhi.
(d). Kolkata.

Question 19. Who commissioned the building of Lal Bagh?

(a). Tipu Sultan.
(b). Shah Jahan.
(c). Hyder Ali.
(d). No of the above.

Question 20. Which is the characteristic feature of Lal Bagh?.

(a). The Lal Bagh Rock.
(b). The Lal Bagh Glass house.
(c). Both a and b.
(d). None of the above.

Question 21. Which is the main event of Sim’s Park?

(a). Annual fruit show.
(b). Annual vegetable show.
(c). Both a and b.
(d). Annual flower show.

(3). Persian gardens

Question 22. The Lotus Temple in Delhi is..

(a). Persian style building.
(b). Mughal style building.
(c). English or British style building.
(d). Japanese style building.

Question 23. Lotus Temple has …. free standing petals.

(a). 16.
(b). 14.
(c). 20.
(d). 27.

Question 24. The Lotus Temple forms …. sides.

(a). 9.
(b). 7.
(c). 4.
(d). 14.

Question 25. Which is ‘The Garden of Delight’?

(a). Nishant Bagh.
(b). Mehtab Bagh.
(c). Shalimar.
(d). Red fort.

Question 26. Shalimar Bagh is also known as..

(a). Farah Baksh.
(b). Faiz Baksh.
(c). Both a and b.
(d). None of the above.

Gardening quiz

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Question 27. …. is the high point of Mughal horticulture.

(a). Nishant Bagh.
(b). Qudsia Bagh.
(c). Roshanara Bagh.
(d). Shalimar Bagh.

Question 28. Which one of the following doesn’t belong to J & K?

(a). Pari Mahal.
(b). Verinag.
(c). Chashme Shahi.
(d). Phool Bagh.

Question 29. Which one of the following belongs to Uttar Pradesh?

(a). Khusro Bagh.
(b). Chandrashekhar Azad Park.
(c). Son View Point.
(d). All of the above.

Question 30. The main attraction of the Brindavan park is the..

(a). Musical fountain.
(b). Topiary.
(c). Bonsai.
(d). None of the above.


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