MCQ On GM Crops

MCQ On GM Crops

Read MCQ on GM or Genetically Modified Crops.

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GM Crop MCQ: Introduction

Question 01. Which is considered the first transgenic crop?

(a). Cotton
(b). Maize
(c). Tobacco
(d). None of the above

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Question 02. Which of the following country has first position in transgenic crops?

(a). Japan
(b). USA
(c). China
(d). UK

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Question 03. What is the rank of India for transgenic plants?

(a). 1st
(b). 2nd
(c). 3rd
(d). 4th

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Question 04. What is the position of transgenic plants in the world?

  1. Soyabean > Maize > Cotton > Canola
  2. Maize > Soyabean > Cotton > Canola
  3. Soyabean > Maize > Canola > Cotton

(a). 1 is true
(b). 2 is true
(c). 3 is true
(d). None of the above

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Question 05. Which is a component of Bollgourd-II?

(a). Cry-I Ac gene
(b). Cry-2 Ab gene
(c). Both a and b
(d). None of the above

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Bt Cotton

Question 06. By whom was the first Bt cotton (bollgard) released?

(a). Syngenta
(b). Mahyco
(c). Monsanto
(d). None of the above

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Question 07. Consider about the chronology of Bt cotton in India?

In given paragraph the sequence of date and years have not been changed. Explanation may be mismatched.

Chronology of Bt Cotton in India

S.N.Date and yearSequenceChronology
1.March 10, 1995A.Import of 100 gm of transgenic Cocker-312 variety of cottonseed cultivated in the United States by Mahyco.
2.April, 1998B.Monsanto-Mahyco tie up.
3.January 8, 1999C.RCGM expresses satisfaction over the trial results at 40 locations.
4.2000-2002D.ICAR trials were conducted at different AICCIP centres of Central and South Zones.
5.February 20, 2002E.ICAR submits a positive report to the Ministry of Environment on the field trials of Bt cotton.
6.March 25, 2002F.Approval given for commercial cultivation to three Bt Cotton hybrids of M/s. MAHYCO by GEAC

Select the right sequence of explanations with years

(a). 1. A. 2. B. 3. C. 4. D. 5. E. 6. F.
(b). 1. C. 2. B. 3. A. 4. D. 5. E. 6. F.
(c). 1. B. 2. B. 3. C. 4. D. 5. E. 6. F.
(d). 1. A. 2. B. 3. D. 4. C. 5. E. 6. F.

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Question 08. Which one of the following have not released any Bt cotton variety?

(a). Nath seeds
(b). Rasi seeds
(c). Ankur seeds
(d). All have released Bt cotton variety

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Question 09. Which is the most serious pest of Bt cotton?

(a). Bollworm
(b). Aphids
(c). Thrips
(d). Hairy caterpillar

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Question 10. Which one of the following system of bollworm is affected by Bt cotton?

(a). Digestive system
(b). Nervous system
(c). Both a and b
(d). None of the above

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Question 11. When was GM cotton first approved?

(a). March, 2002
(b). February, 2002
(c). April, 2002
(d). January, 2002

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Question 12. Which is a variety of Bt cotton by Mahyco?

(a). MECH-12
(b). MECH-184
(c). RCH-134
(d). All of the above

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GM Mustard and Golden Rice

Question 13. What is mustard?

(a). It is aphid resistance mustard
(b). It is glyphosate resistance mustard
(c). It is mildew resistance mustard
(d). All of the above

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Question 14. Who developed genetically modified mustard?

(a). Ankur
(b). Bio Seeds
(c). Pro-Agro Seed company
(d). None of the above

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Question 15. Which one of the following is a variety of mustard by TERI?

(a). TERI-unnat
(b). TERI-uttam
(c). Both a and b
(d). TERI-utkrishth

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Question 16. which of the following vitamin is the major component of golden rice?

(a). Vitamin B
(b). Vitamin E
(c). Vitamin C
(d). Vitamin A

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Question 17. What type of carotene is mainly present in golden rice?

(a). Beta carotene
(b). Alpha carotene
(c). Zeta carotene
(d). None of the above

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Question 18. What is the risk of golden rice?

(a). Mortality from measles in children
(b). Diarrhea in children
(c). Both a and b
(d). No risk involved

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Question 19. What is Flavr Savr?

(a). Potato
(b). Chilli
(c). Egg plant
(d). Tomato

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Genetically Modified Tomato

Question 20. Why is Flavr Savr known for?

(a). Increased shelf-life
(b). Nematode resistance
(c). Different taste
(d). All of the above

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Question 21. By what name is Flavr Savr also known as?

(a). PKM1
(b). CGN-89564-2
(c). Paiyur 1
(d). Marutham

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Question 22. Which one of the following bacterial parasite was used to transfer genetic materi into Flavr Savr plant cells?

(a). Bacillus thuringiensis
(b). Trichoderma vidride
(c). Agrobacterium tumefaciens 
(d). All of the above

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