MCQ on Lac Culture (Questions)

MCQ on Lac Culture (Questions)

Read MCQ on Lac Culture, or Lac Cultivation, or Lac Farming. This post includes Objective Questions from the major subject entomology. These are multiple choice objective questions.

Quiz: Lac cultivation multiple choice questions
Type: Objective questions
No. of questions:
Latest update: 26-09-2021


(1). Introduction to lac
(2). Species of lac
(3). Seasons of lac farming
(4). Commercial lac products
(5). Major plants in lac framing
(6). Management practices
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Lac culture mcq and questions

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Question 01. Kerria lacca is native to..

(a). Asia.
(b). Australia.
(c). Europe.
(d). America.

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Question 02. Shellac is secreted by..

(a). Male lac insect.
(b). Female lac insect.
(c). Juvenile lac insect.
(d). All of the above.

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Question 03. Lac insect has..

(a). Chewing type of mouth part.
(b). Rasping type of mouth part.
(c). Sucking type of mouth part.
(d). Siphoning type of mouth part.

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Question 04. Which is a type of rangeeni lac?

(a). Baisakhi.
(b). Aghani.
(c). Jethwi.
(d). None of the above.

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Question 05. Katki is a..

(a). Rainy season lac crop.
(b). Summer season lac crop.
(c). Winter season lac crop.
(d). None of the above.

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Lac Farming Questions

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Question 06. Aghani is …. season lac crop

(a). Summer.
(b). Winter.
(c). Spring.
(d). Rainy.

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Question 07. There are total …. life cycles of rangeeni in a year?

(a). 3 life cycles.
(b). 4 life cycles.
(c). 5 life cycles.
(d). 2 life cycles.

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Question 08. Kerria sharda is a/an..

(a). Multivoltine.
(b). Trivoltine.
(c). Bivoltine.
(d). Univoltine.

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Question 09. The rangeeni lac insect grow well in..

(a). Safflower.
(b). Sal tree.
(c). Palash tree.
(d). Banyan tree.

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Question 10. Which is the best plant/tree for the cultivation of kusmi lac?

(a). Leucaena leucocephala.
(b). Aegle marmelos.
(c). Anthocephalus indicus.
(d). Schleichera oleosa.

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Entomology MCQ

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Question 11. Which is the period of inoculation of katki lac?

(a). October – November.
(b). January – February.
(c). June – July.
(d). March – April.

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Question 12. The month of harvesting of aghani lac crop is..

(a). January – February.
(b). July – August.
(c). March – April.
(d). September – October.

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Question 13. Which has the longest crop duration?

(a). Rangeeni – Baisakhi.
(b). Kusmi – Aghani.
(c). Rangeeni – Katki.
(d). Trivoltine.

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Question 14. Which has the shortest crop duration?

(a). Trivoltine – Summer.
(b). Trivoltine – Winter.
(c). Trivoltine – Rainy.
(d). Kusmi – Jethwi.

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Question 15. Lac resins are soluble in..

(a). Alcohol. 
(b). Ether.
(c). Turpentine.
(d). All of the above.

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Question 16. Paratachardina sp. is a/an..

(a). Univoltine species of lac.
(b). Bivoltine species of lac.
(c). Both a and b.
(d). Multivoltine species of lac.

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Question 17. Kerria sp. is a/an …. species of lac insect.

(a). Multivoltine.
(b). Univoltine.
(c). Bivoltine.
(d). Trivoltine.

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Question 18. Lac resin is the composition of..

(a). Ester complex of long chain hydroxy fatty acids.
(b). Sesquiterpenic acid.
(c). Both a and b.
(d). None of the above.

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Question 19. Which one of the following is a host plant of lac culture?

(a). Butea monosperma.
(b). Flemingiasemialata.
(c). Zizyphus mauritiana.
(d). All of the above.

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Question 20. Which is a very essential practice in lac cultivation?

(a). Training.
(b). Topping.
(c). Propagation.
(d). Pruning.

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Schleichera oleosa is known as the gum lac tree.


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