MCQ On Ornamental Horticulture

MCQ on Ornamental Horticulture

TypeMultiple choice objective questions
Category Horticulture MCQ
Major subjectFloriculture
Number of questions 25

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MCQ: Ornamental Horticulture

Question 01. Le Notre developed which type of gardens?

(a). Italian
(b). English
(c). French
(d). Japanese

Question 02. Who developed Sim’s Park Conoor, Tamil Nadu in 1874?

(a). Hooker
(b). William Sim
(c). A Conoor
(d). J. D. Sim

Question 03. How does pomegranate convey human feelings?

(a). By Innocence
(b). By pride of riches
(c). By Fragile passion
(d). By Elegance

Question 04. The design and alternation of a portion of land by use of planting material and land reconstructions i known as..

(a). Landscape
(b). Landscaping
(c). Floral works
(d). Garden

Question 05. Which of the following is a design with definite use of plants to serve certain aesthetic or utilitarian purpose?

(a). Landscape garden
(b). Topiary
(c). Landscape
(d). Gardening

Question 06. Where is the Project Directorate on Floriculture of ICAR situated?

(a). Mumbai
(b). Bhubaneswar
(c). New Delhi
(d). Surat

Question 07. Which of the following is directly associated with the export of flowers in India?

(a). National Horticulture Board
(b). ICAR
(d). APEDA

Question 08. Which of the following is a popular flower crop of North-eastern states?

(a). Marigold
(b). Orchids
(c). Chrysanthemum
(d). Gladiolus

Question 09. At Regional Plant Resource Centre Bhubaneswar, which of following category has maximum species and cultivars?

(a). Orchids
(b). Palms
(c). Conifers
(d). Cacti

Question 10. Which country is the largest producer of cut flowers in the world?

(a). Poland
(b). England
(c). The Netherlands
(d). Israel

MCQ on Floriculture

Question 11. Which of following is the number one cut flower in the international cut flower market?

(a). Marigold
(b). Rose
(c). Tulip
(d). Gladiolus

Question 12. Which of the following is the leading foliage pot plant at the global level?

(a). Rose
(b). Dracaena
(c). Cymbidium
(d). Geranium

Question 13. In which ornamental plant is gene mutation common?

(a). Sweet pea
(b). China
(c). Phlox
(d). All of the above

Question 14. Which of the following chemicals used in mutation studies?

(a). EMS
(b). MES
(c). NMU
(d). All of the above

Question 15. Pollen sterility in roses is checked by..

(a). Potassium Iodide
(b). Acetocarmine
(c). Ethyl alcohal
(d). All of the above

Horticulture Quiz

Question 16. Which cultivar of chrysanthemum blooms during April-June?

(a). Sonar Bangala
(b). Himanshu
(c). Snowball
(d). Aprajita

Question 17. Which of the following is not a true species of bougainvillea?

(a). Buttiana
(b). Spectabilis
(c). Glabra
(d). Preuviana

Question 18. What is the main reason of genetic engineering in petunia?

(a). To evolve red colour cultivars
(b). To evolve yellow colour cultivars
(c). To evolve blue colour cultivars
(d). To evolve red orange cultivars

Question 19. Which of the aneuploids mostly used in ornamentals?

(a). Monosomic
(b). Nullisomic
(c). Trisomic
(d). None of the above

Question 20. Which of the following is not a serious pest of dry flowers?

(a). Mice
(b). Silver fish
(c). Book lice
(d). Caterpillars

Gardening Quiz

Question 21. Which has ornamental stems?

(a). Cotinus coggygria
(b). Murraya koenigii
(c). Spartium junceun
(d). All of the above

Question 22. Which has ornamental foliage?

(a). Ferns and sellaginellas
(b). Crab apple
(c). Spanish broom
(d). Kaenth

Question 23. Portable mini tunnels are very useful for growing healthy..

(a). Cut flowers
(b). Cut greens
(c). Nursery
(d). Pot plants

Question 24.For establishing greenhouse which of the following is least cared during feasibility study?

(a). Economics
(b). Climate
(c). Type of crop
(d). Labour

Question 25. Who introduced the climate controlling green house?

(a). ICAR
(b). Mahyco Seed Co.
(c). Indo-American Hybrid Seed Co.
(d). Sutton and Sons

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