MCQ On Probability

MCQ on probability

Agricultural statistics is an very important subject of B. Sc Agriculture. In M.Sc. Agricultural, the students of each faculty use it in their research work. Apart from all these, questions related to statistics are asked in various competitive exams. These questions also include multiple choice questions related to probability. In this post, we will solve the questions related to this topic.

What is probability?

In statistics and mathematics, probability describes how an event can occur or what are the possibilities of its happening. In probability, value is expressed from 0 to 1.

Why probability?

There is always a possibility of the occurrence of any event, although we cannot say with certainty that the event will happen. So we use this method for an approximate result. Where this rule is applicable, decisions can be taken with its help.

TypeMultiple Choice Objective Questions
Major subjectStatistics
Number of questions10

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MCQ on probability

Question 01.In probability, the value is expressed from

(a). 0 to 1
(b). 0 to meta
(c). -0 to meta
(d). None of the above

Question 02. Which of the following is true about correlation coefficient?

(a). -1 to 1
(b). 0 to 1
(c). 0 to -1
(d). None of the above

Question 03. There are 6 apples in a table, 3 are red, 2 are green, and 1 is white. What is the probability of picking a green apple?

(a). 1/6
(b). 1/2
(c). 1/3
(d). 1/1

Question 04.  The probability of all the events in a sample space adds up to

(a). 1
(b). 2
(c). 3
(d). 4

Question 05. What is the formula of probability?

(a). Probability of event to happen P(E) = Total Number of outcomes/Number of favourable outcomes
(b). Probability of event to happen P(E) = Number of favourable outcomes/Total Number of outcomes
(c). Both a and b
(d). None of the above

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Quiz on probability

Question 06. Which is true about the tree diagram?

1. It helps to organize and visualise the different possible outcomes.
2. Branches and ends of the tree are two main positions.
3. Probability of each branch is written on the branch, whereas the ends are containing the final outcome.
4. Tree diagrams are used to figure out when to multiply and when to add.

(a). Only 1 and 2 are true
(b). Only 2 and 4 are true
(c). Only 1 and 3 are true
(d). All are true

Question 07. Which is not a type of probability?

(a). Theoretical Probability
(b). Experimental Probability
(c). Arithmetic probability
(d). Axiomatic Probability

Question 08. What is PDF?

(a). Probability Density Function
(b). Probability Documentation Function
(c). Probability Dense Function
(d). Probability Dart Function

Question 09. Read the different terms and their definitions. Select the term with right definition

1. Sample Space: A series of actions where the outcomes are always uncertain.
2. Complimentary event: The non-happening events. The complement of an event A is the event, not A (or A’).
3. Experiment or Trial: A series of actions where the outcomes are always uncertain.

(a). Only option 1 is right
(b). Options 1 and 2 are right
(c). Only option 2 is right
(d). Options 2 and 3 are right

Question 10. Where is probability applicable in agriculture?

(a). In the share market, chances of getting the hike of share prices
(b). Weather forecasting or prediction of weather changes
(c). Both a and b
(d). None of the above

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Answer Key

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