Quiz on Fungi

Quiz on Fungi

Attempt online quiz on Fungi.

Number of total questions: 20
Major subject: Plant Pathology

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Time limit: 15 minutes

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Which is true about the true fungi?

Consider about asexual reproduction of fungi:

  1. It is repeated several times in the life cycle of a fungus.
  2. If the sporangiospores are motile they called zoospores.
  3. In the ascomycotina, the conidia may be produce in special structures such as pycnidia, sporodochia, acervuli.

Consider about se_xual reproduction:

  1. It involves two separate gametes.
  2. In most of lower form of fungi the se_xual process involves the union of two similar gametagia.
  3. The Se_x organs of fungi are called gametagia.

Match the common orders of plant diseases:

  1. Ustilaginales : A. Downy mildew
  2. Uredinales : B. Powdery mildew
  3. Erysiphales : C. Rust fungi
  4. Peronosporales : D. Smu_t fungi

Which is not a general principle of plant disease control?

By what name is the study of fungus known as?

Which is an example of perfect fungi?

What is sporogenesis?

Which species of fungus is used to saccharify sweet potato and barley in the making of alcoholic beverages?

Which part of maize swells to like a tumor-like gall due to Ustilago maydis?

What is exclusion?

What is the duration for seed treatment by hot water?

Who discovered solar energy treatment?

Match the followings:

  1. Phyllody : A. Host plant is brinjal
  2. Purple top roll : B. Host plant is rice
  3. Yellow dwarf disease: C. Host plant is sesame.
  4. Little leaf : D. Host plant is potato

Which is the cause of rice tungro disease?

Which fertilizer is highly recommended in case of the management of rust of wheat?

What is the major constituent of karathane?

Consider about the management practice of eargot:

  1. Avoid late planting.
  2. Seed treatment with captan.
  3. Using 30% salt solution for seed treatment.
  4. Two spray of mancozeb @ 2kh/ha at the time of ear emergence.

Year of Bengal famine?

Who is known as father of mycology?

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