Minor Insect-pests of Rice

Minor Pests of Rice (Paddy)

Brief Introduction

  • Rice is attacked by the more numbers of insects than in any other cereal crops in India.
  • Planthoppers, stem borers, gall midge, leaf folder, earhead cutting caterpillar, rice case worm, rice hispa, etc., are the Major Insect-pests of Rice.
  • Apart from major insect-pests, rice is also attacked by the various known insect-pests.
  • Minor Insect-pests of Rice or Paddy are the Insect-pests which may also cause damages to paddy plant but with a little extent.

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In this post we will know about the Minor Insect-pests of Rice.

(1). Common name of insect-pests of rice
(2). Scientific name of insect-pests of rice
(3). Order of insect-pests of rice
(4). Family of insect-pests of rice

(1). Grasshoppers

S. N.: Oxya spp.
Order: Orthoptera.
Family: Arctiidae.

(2). Subrufa

S. N.: Thaia subrufa Mostchulsky.
Order: Hemiptera.
Family: Cicadellidae.

(3). Root Weevils

S. N.:  Tenymecus indicus Faust and Hydronomidius molitar Faust.
Order: Coleoptera.
Family: Curculionidae.

(4). Corn Planthopper

S. N.: Peregrinus maidis Ashmead.
Order: Hemiptera.
Family: Delphacidae.

(5). Leucopholis grub

S. N.: Leucopholis spp.
Order: Coleoptera.
Family: Scarabaeidae.

(6). Rice Root Aphid


S. N.: Rhopalosiphum rufiabdominalis (Sasaki) and Schizaphis graminum (Rondani).
Order: Hemiptera.
Family: Aphididae.


S. N.: Schizaphis graminum (Rondani).
Order: Hemiptera.
Family: Aphididae.

(7). Antherigona Fly

S. N.: Antherigona spp.
Order: Diptera.
Family: Muscidae.

(8). Fabrictilis Bug

S. N.: Fabrictilis australis.
Order: Hemiptera.
Family: Coreidae.

(9). Southern Green Stink Bug

S. N.: Nazara viridula Linnaeus.
Order: Hemiptera.
Family: Pentatomidae.

(10). Paddy Swarming Caterpillars


S. N.: Spodoptera exempta (Walker).
Order: Lepidoptera.
Family: Noctuidae.


S. N.: Spodoptera mauritia.
Order: Lepidoptera.
Family: Noctuidae.


S. N.: Spodoptera  litura.
Order: Lepidoptera.
Family: Noctuidae.

(11). Rice Thrips


S. N.: Stenchaetothrips biformis (Bagnall).
Order: Thysanoptera.
Family: Thripidae.


S. N.: Haplothrips ganglbauri (Schmutz).
Order: Thysanoptera.
Family: Thripidae.

(12). Rice Skipper

S. N.: Pelopidas mathias Fabricius.
Order: Lepidoptera.
Family: Pyralidae.

Actually, minor Insect-pests or the Minor insects of rice may be the major insect of other crops.

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