Mushroom Powder Buyers in India

Mushroom powder buyers in India

What is mushroom powder?

Mushroom powder is a processed product from the mushroom production units. Mushroom production, drying, and the making of mushroom powder is relatively easy. But the difficult task is to find buyers to sell it.

(1). Scope of mushroom powder business
(2). Problems in finding a buyer
(3). Marketing channels and potential buyers

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(1). Scope of mushroom powder business

1.1: Use of mushroom powder

Flavouring agent: It can be used in dishes, such as soup, souce, and vegetables as a flavouring agent.

Coffee and tea: Use it to change the taste and flavor of tea and coffee.

Vegetable: Use can add it in all kinds of vegetables.

Daily dose: Use can take it daily in a little amount as a compulsory source of protein.

1.2: Benefits

Supplementary protein: The daily requirement of protein is 0.8g per kg body weight. It is common that protein content in the daily dietary of developing countries is very less. It is very important to add MP in our daily dietary as source of protein.

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(2). Problems in finding a buyer

Lack of knowledge: It is the one of the major and first problem.

Number of buyers: The actual number of potential buyers is very less.

Village areas: No buyer. It is very difficult to find a buyer in villages. They will not accept this product at any cost. The main reason behind it is the lack of knowledge about this.

Suburban areas: Here, suburban areas means small cities. Tier three cities are small cities. The probability of finding any potential buyer is very less. Acceptance and the lack of knowledge about the product is a major problem.

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Urban areas: Here, urban areas means big cities. Tier 1 and 2 cities are big cities. The probability of finding a potential buyer is more. They have basic knowledge about this product.

Taste: The taste of many edible is mushrooms excellent, but some species of mushroom, such as paddy straw mushroom has not such excellent taste. Select mushroom species is very important to tackle the problem.

Price: As said earlier in the previous post, the most important thing in any marketing system is the price of a particular product. The price of mushroom powder is just the double and triple of fresh mushrooms.

Lack of local markets: There is no local market for MP. Due to lack of local markets, it becomes difficult to sell the powder.

No proper marketing channel: Marketing channel is not organised. It is very difficult to get a proper marketing channel in India. Even if a marketing channel is found, then there is a problem of a communication gap.

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(3). Marketing channels and potential buyers

Social media

List of social medias:

  • Facebook.
  • WhatsApp.
  • Instagram.

People are more active in social media platforms. People of all age group spend their significant part of a day in these types of social media. You may spot a potential buyer from here.

Facebook business page: Create a business page on Facebook. You can join their advertisement programme at any time. You will get 300 – 1,000+ audience reach each day to your new post by investing few a US dollars.

WhatsApp: Visit and meet with different people who could be the potential buyer of your products. Describe about your main product. It is a type of self promotion. Create a WhatsApp group using the contact numbers of them. Sell your product to them through this WhatsApp group.

It is very effective when a group includes contacts with the same field or interest. The social reach of Instagram is more than other social media considering this business model. Try to upload clean and ultra high images with an effective product description of your main product to attract the potential buyers.

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Email marketing

Email marketing is a new concept. Create an email list of potential buyers and broadcast your product’s description once available. Write a description about your product in very deep and effective manner. Try to use professional email address for this.

Self help group

Try to find a self help group which is already in this business. It will make your task very easy. All you have to do is:

Find a self help group already in mushroom powder business.
Make a contract with group head.
Handover your product to SHG to sell.

The idea of self help group is very nice. It works as a unit. The marketing system works as a cooperative system. Marketing becomes easy with self help group.

Government institutes

Government institutes such as Krishi Vigyan Kendra or KVK, department of forestry, department of agroforestry, etc., have their own self help group of mushroom producing farmers. Try to join a government institute as a framer. You can directly handover your products to them without worrying about marketing.

Contract farming

(1). Make contract with a wholesaler.
(2). Make contract with a big buyer.
(3). Make contract with a food processing company.

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Online e-commerce websites

Make a seller account on e-commerce website like:

  • Amazon India (consider your own country), Amazon UK, Amazon US, etc.
  • Flipkart India (consider your own country, Filpkart UK, Flipkart US, etc.
  • eBay India, eBay UK, eBay US, etc.
  • Jio Mart in India.
  • India Mart (for wholesaler).
  • Other e-commerce websites.

Online buyers

Search the webpages of online buyers by using search engines.

For this:

  • Go to web browser.
  • Type mushroom powder buyer in my country (consider your own country).
  • Inter into any relevant webpage.
  • Go to their description or contact page (In this case, it is always the home page).
  • Make a contact with the potential buyers.

Your own website

  • Create your own website by purchasing a hosting.
  • Getting traffic is not easy during the initial years.
  • Advertise your product using advertisement service from any reliable company.
  • Use Google Ads to advertise your products by finding the right keywords on Google AdWords. Although the Facebook advertisement programme is less expensive, but the Google AdWords programme is best.

Mushroom powder buyers in India

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