Online Quiz on Extention Education

Online Quiz on Agricultural Extention Education

This quiz includes 20 MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions) on agricultural extension education. These are new objective questions.

TopicExt. Edu.
NameOnline quiz on extension education
TypeMock Test
Number of questions 20
Major subjectAgricultural extension education
CategoryAgricultural Extension Education MCQ
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Questions on agricultural extension education

Question 01: In word extension, what is the meaning of tensis (Latin word)?

Question 02: What is the meaning of extension education?

Question 03: Where was the word extension used for the first time?

Question 04 : What was the objective of Morril Land Grant Act?

Question 05: Who gave the concept of demonstration?

Question 06 : Where was the first agricultural university established on the basis of Land grant college pattern?

Question 07: Where was the study of extension education as a ‘course study’ started for the first time?

Question 08: Which is not a feature of agricultural extension education?

Question 09: What is the meaning of the grassroot principle of an organisation?

Question 10: Which one is an example of the best advertisement?

Question 11: Who DG of ICAR?

Question 12: What is the total number of KVK as of September 2022?


Question 13: Who is the deputy director general of the division of agricultural extension?

Question 14: Which of the following PRA method uses symbols?

Question 15: Which is a type of display aid?

Question 16: Which is not an example of audio aid?

Question 17:Which is not a component of a communication model?

Question 18: Which is a factor of rapid extension of a product or service either in positive of negative ways?

Question 19: A marginal farmer should have

Question 20: Who is a filed level officer?