Ornamental Climbers List

Ornamental Climbers List of 30 plants

Post: Ornamental climbers list. Know about 30 important and beautiful climber plants. This includes common name, scientific name, flower colour, flowering period, and general description about the different ornamental climbers.

Table 01: 10 of 30 Ornamental Climbers

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S.N.ClimberSci. nameFamilyFlower colourFlowering periodCharacteristics
1.AllamandaAllamanda catharticaApocynaceaeYellowMay to September1. Flowering is quick.
2. Foliage is shiny.
3. Foliage is bell shape.
2.BougainvilleaBaugainvillea spp.NyctaginaceaeAll coloursThroughout the year1. Beautiful bracts.
2. Beautiful flowers
3.Cat’s clawBignonia unguis-catiBigoniaceaeMauve purpleApril to September1. It is light and evergreen.
2. Flowers are fragrant.
4.ClerodendronClerodendron splendensVerbenaceaeRedJanuary to April1. The climber is large.
2. Foliage is dark green.
5.ClematisClematis paniculataRanunculaceaeWhiteMarch to November1. It is deciduous.
2. Foliages are dark.
3. Flowers are fragrant.
6.Coral vineAntigonon leptopusPolygonaceaeRose pinkJuly to October1. It is a quick growing climber.
2. It is deciduous.
3. It creates cascading effect.
7.Duck flowerAristolochia elegansAristolochiaceaeYellow green mottleJune to SeptemberIt is a quick growing climber.
It is deciduous.
8.Hari champaArtabotrys uncinatusAnnonaceaeYellowApril to September1. It is an evergreen heavy climber.
2. It has shining foliage.
9.MaljhanBauhinia vahliiCaesalpiniaceaeCreamy whiteMay to July1. It is large.
2. It is evergreen.
10.Trumpet flowerCampsis grandifloraBigoniaceaeOrange redMarch to October1. It is deciduous.
2. It has glossy dark green foliage.

Table 02: 20 of 30 Ornamental Plants

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S.N.ClimberSci. nameFamilyFlower colourFlowering periodCharacteristics
1.Bleeding heartClerodendrum thompsonaeVerbenaceaeRedMarch to September1. Calyx is white.
2. Light evergreen climber.
2.Canadian kingIpomoea berauviensisConvolulaceaeScarlet pinkThrought the yearIt is evergreen and quick growing.
3.DerrisDerris scandensPapilionaceaeLight roseMay to September1. It is heavy and evergreen.
2. Foliage is dark.
4.Indian ivyFicus pumilaMoraceae….….It is a light climber.
5.IvyHedera helixAraliaceae….….1. It is evergreen.
2. It has variegated foliage.
6.Madhavi lotaHiptage benghalensisMalpighiaceaeCreamy whiteFebruary to June1. It is heavy semi deciduous.
2. Flowers are fragrant.
7.Morning gloryIpomoea leariiConvolulaceaePurple redThrought the yearIt is evergreen and quick growing.
8.Mussel shell creeperClitorea ternateaPapilionaceaeWhite, purpleMarch to AprilIt is light.
9.Railway creeperIpomoea cairicaConvolvulaceaePurpleThroughout the yearIt is vigorous woody and quick growing.
10.Spanish jasmineJasminum grandiflorumOleaceaeWhiteMarch to October1. It has dark green foliage.
2. It has fragrant flowers.

Table 03: 30 of 30

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S.N.ClimberSci. nameFamilyFlower colourFlowering periodCharacteristics
1.Australian bower plantTecoma jasminoidesBignoniaceaeRed pinkApril to November1. It is light in texture.
2. It has shining green foliage.
2.Blue potato creeperSolanum seaforthianumSolanaceaePurple blueApril to JuneIt is evergreen.
3.Creeping tuberoseStephanotis floribundaAsclepiadaceaeWaxy whiteApril to August1. It is evergreen.
2. It has fragrant flowers.
4.Golden showerPyrostegia venustaBignoniaceaeGolden yellowDecember to March1. It is deciduous in nature.
2. It has lush green foliage.
5.Jade vineStrongylodon macrobotrysPapilionaceaeBlue greenApril to SeptemberIt is large and woody.
6.Money plantScindapsus aureusAraceae….….It has different flower colour.
7.Potato creeperSolanum wendlandiiSolanaceaeBlue mauveApril to July1. It is evergreen.
8.Rangoon creeperQuisqualis indicaCombretaceaeWhite, pink, redApril to OctoberIt is large and quick growing.
9.Star jasmineTrachelospermum jasminoidesApocynaceaeWhiteApril to July1. Dark green glossy foliage.
2. It has fragrant flowers.
10.White potato creeperSolanum jasminoidesSolanaceaeWhiteMarch to November1. It is an evergreen creeper.
2. Flowers are fragrant.

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