Ornamental Shrubs List

Ornamental Shrubs List

This post includes the list of beautiful shrub plants. Tables include common name, scientific name, family, flower colours, flowering period and characteristics of 30 important Ornamental Shrubs.

Ornamental shrubs List: Table 01 (10 of 30)

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S.N.ShrubSci. NameFamilyFlower colourFlowering periodCharacteristics
1.AbeliaAbelia x grandifloraCaprifoliaceaeWhite, pinkn tingeWhole year1. It is semi deciduous.
2. Dropping branches.
2.AcalyphaAcalypha hispidaEuphorbiaceaeMoroonMarch to JuneMulti colour foliage which have drooping catkins.
3.AllamandaAllamanda catharticaApocynaceaeYellowWhole yearIt is a climbing shrub.
4.AphelandraAphelandra teteragonaAcanthaceaeCoral redMarch to April1. Drought tolerant.
2. Variegated flowers.
5.BarleriaBarleria cristataAcanthaceaeBlue-mauveApril to SeptemberIt is a dwarf shrub.
6.Blood flowerAsclepias curassavicaAscclepiaceaeRed-yellowWhole year1. Semi deciduous.
2. It is a small shrub.
3. Drought tolerant.
4. Good choice for rockeries.
7.Chinese lanternMalvaviscus arboreusMalvaceaeRedWhole yearFlowers and leaves create contrast effect.
8.Flowering mapleAbutilon aureum uariegatumMalvaceaeApricot redWhole year except winter1. Evergreen.
2. Tall shrub.
3. Variegated foliage.
9.Ornamental bambooBambusa fortunei variegataBambucaceae….….1. Yellow stems and foliage.
2. Good for topiary.
10.BougainvilleaBougainvillea spp.NyctaginaceaeVarious coloursWhole yearBeautiful bracts and foliage.
Whloe year = Throughout the year

Table 02: 20 of 30

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S.N.ShrubSci. nameFamilyFlower colour Flowering periodCharacteristics
1.AlaiCaesalpinia sepiariaCaesalpiniaceaeYellowMarch to April1. It is a spiny scrambling shrub.
2. The shrub is large.
2.AzaleaAzalea spp.EricaceaeRed, white, pinkFebruary to MayIdeal for hilly areas.
3.BuddlejaBuddleja asiaticaBuddlejaceaeBlue-whiteWhole year1. Foliage is gray.
2. It is fragrant.
4.CamelliaCamellia japonicaTheaceaePink, red, whiteFebruary to MayFoliages are very shiny.
5.CarissaCarissa carandasApocynaceaeWhiteMarch to June1. It is a spiny shrub.
2. It is semi deciduous.
3. Glaucous foliage.
6.Din ka rajaCestrum diurnumSolanaceaeWhiteMarch to SeptemberFragrant during the day as well as night.
7.KilmodsBerberis asiaticaBerberidaceaeYellowApril to May1. It is a spiny shrub.
2. Semi deciduous in nature.
8.Powder puffCalliandra hybridaMimosaceaeRed, white, pinkWhole year except winterIt is a large shrub.
9.Shrimp plantBeloperone guttataAcanthaceaeWhite, red, yellowWhole yearBeautiful bracts.
10.Snow bushBreynia nivosaEuphorbiaceae….….White mottle foliages.
Whloe year = Throughout the year

Table 03: 30 of 30

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S.N.ShrubSci. nameFamilyFlower colour Flowering periodCharacteristics
1.Cigar plantCuphea melvilleaLythraceaeOrange whiteWhole year1. Shrub is small.
2. It is an evergreen shrub.
2.CotoneasterCotoneaster microphyllaRosaceaeWhiteApril to July1. Prostrate shrub with brownish red branches.
2. Shining foliage.
3.CrotonCodiaeum variegatumEuphorbiaceae….….Multi colour foliage.
4.DombeyaDombeya spectabilisSteruliaceaePink-red, white1. March to July, and September to November1. It is a large shrub.
2. The shrub is deciduous.
3. It has quick growing habit.
5.EuonymousEuonymous japonicusCelastraceaeGreen yellowMarch to JuneEvergreen large shrub with red fruits during winter.
6.LimeCitrus aurantifoliaRutaceaeWhiteFebruary to April1. Flowers are fragrant.
2. Fruits are yellow when ripe.
7.MonsuriCoriaria nepalensisCariariaceaeYellow, green, redMarch to April1. It is a large shrub.
2. The shrub is semi deciduous.
3. Foliage is shiny and green.
8.Pigeon berryDuranta plumieriVerbeneceaeaBlue-mauveWhole year1. The shrub is large and throny.
2. It is evergreen.
9.Rat ki raniCestrum nocturnumSolanaceaeGreenish yellowApril to NovemberFragrant in night time.
10.SonataDodonaea viscosaSapindaceaeGreenish yellowMarch to April 1. It is medium growing shrub.
2. It is an evergreen shrub.
Whloe year = Throughout the year

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