Paddy Fish Farming

Paddy Fish Farming

(धान सह मछली पालन)

What is Paddy Fish Farming

धान सह मछली पालन क्या है?

Rice Fish Farming

धान सह मछली पालन धान की खेत में ही धान और मछली को एक साथ पालने की विधि है। इसे इंग्लिश में ‘पैड्डी कम फिश फार्मिंग’ भी कहते हैं। Paddy Fish Culture. Rice Fish Culture.

Double or multiple cropping system is becoming popular. Paddy Fish Farming is an example of double crop system. Both the paddy and fish require more water. Insect-pests of rice or paddy are the natural source of food for fishes, while the biological activity of fish directly benefits the paddy crop.

In this system:

Rice plant is main component.
Paddy and fish see their growth together by benefiting each other.
Migration of the fishes from that particular field to other field is checked by mesh.
By the end of the cropping season both the components would have completed their physical development.
No additional care is necessary.

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(1). Selection of the land
(2). Preparation of field
(3). Selection of the variety of rice
(4). Rice planting
(5). Selection of the species of fish
(6). Releasing fish
(7). Inoculation of azola culture

(1). Selection of the land

Selection of land is very important. Consider following factors during the selection of land:

Paddy field should be in low land area.
Water holding capacity of the soil should be high.

(2). Preparation of the land

Do deep ploughing during summer month.
Make high bunds around the field.
Mix sufficient amount of farm yard manure in soil.

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(3). Selection of the variety of rice

Consider following thing during the selection of the variety of rice:

  • Always select long duration rice variety.
  • It should comfortable in high water level conditions.
  • Long varieties are for this system.
  • It should resistant to crop lodging.

(4). Rice planting

Always prefer rice transplanting method. This method will increase the biological activities of the fish.

(5). Selection of the species of fish

  • Selection of the species of fish is very important step.
  • Fish requires at least 3 feet deep water.
  • Always choose shallow water fishes.
  • Some ideal fishes are, major corp, rohu, catla, mrigla, channa, tilapia.

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(6). Releasing fish

  • Release the fishes during overcast condition.
  • Make sure that there should be a sufficient water level.
  • Paddy plants require a minimum 5 inch of water level.
  • Always keep the water level more than that.

(7). Introduction of azola culture

  • Scatter the azola culture in paddy field.
  • It will provide N to rice plants.
  • Azola will serve as the food material for the fishes.


Don’t over use insecticides and weedicides. More poisonous pesticides may easily kil all the fishes in the paddy field.
Fish rearing is possible even after the harvesting of paddy crop, but the availability of water is a concern.

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