Paddy Straw Mushroom Marketing

Paddy straw mushroom marketing

What is paddy straw mushroom?

Paddy straw mushroom is a species of edible mushroom. It can be seen growing naturally on the rotting straw of paddy. The taste of this species mushroom is undeniable. In this post we will know about the Paddy Straw Mushroom Marketing, and its marketing scenarios.


  • Where to find market to sell paddy straw mushroom?
  • How to sell paddy straw mushroom.
  • Paddy straw mushroom and its marketing.

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(1). Rural market scenario
(2). Suburban market scenario
(3). Urban area’s market scenario
(4). Big cities scenario
(5). Problems in the cultivation of paddy straw mushroom

(1). Rural market scenario

Price: 250.00 – 400.00 rs per kg

The average population of the largest number of villages ranges from 500 – 599 (ref 01). More than 99% villagers belong to the poor and lower middle class.

The availability of fresh vegetables is not a problem in rural areas.

Only 1% will be the potential buyer of your products.

But there will be no problems in selling this product.

1.1 Suggestions for rural-area mushroom farms

  • Start it in small scale.
  • Grow paddy for paddy straw.
  • Calculate the investment.
  • Join a self help group.

There will be less buyers in villages. You have to start it in small scale. Although, you can grow the scale of your farm with the increase in potential buyers.

In village areas, try to grow paddy crop in your own field to reduce the investment price. Always calculate the investment to get desired profit.

Yo can join a self help group to expand the reach of your business.

1.2 Marketing strategies

  • Make a base of buyers.
  • Advertise your products by yourself.
  • Take occasional pre-orders.

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(2). Suburban market scenario

The population of many small cities starts with a number of 500 or more.

Demand for the fresh vegetables is more. Here, the fresh paddy straw mushroom can replace the demand of many vegetables.

2.1 Suggestions for suburban market

Try to produce regularly, because:

Suburban areas are not the big population area. Regular production and availability of the product in market will give a credit of being mushroom grower.

Start home delivery service, because:

  • By doing this, you will increase your customer base.
  • You can produce more mushroom.
  • Customer will start to visit your farm.

2.2 Marketing strategies

  • Make a base of buyers.
  • Advertise your products by yourself.
  • Take occasional pre-orders.

(3). Urban area’s market scenario

  • Vegetable sellers lack the stock of fresh egetables in vegetable market.
  • Customer need fresh and high value vegetables.
  • They are ready to pay for fresh and valuable products.
  • Paddy straw mushroom has great scenario.

3.1 Suggestions for urban area’s marketing

Do it in large scale, because:

The population of urban area is high. That’s why a farm will always have the chance of welcoming more customers per day.

Don’t do it alone. Build a team to ease the different tasks.

3.2 Marketing strategies

  • Make a base of buyers.
  • Advertise your products through online platforms.
  • Use e-commerce partners programme.

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(4). Big cities scenario

  • Unlimited possibilities.
  • Very profitable.

4.1 Suggestions

  • Do market research.
  • Study customer behavior.
  • Maintain product quality.
  • Increase service quality.

Proper market research is very necessary. There will be many producers. So the proper marketing analysis becomes a need to get success.

The study of the customer behavior is also a very important part. Study deep to know customer’s interest, preference, product needs, etc.

Everyone likes fresh and bigger mushrooms. Keep your service regular to provide quality products.

4.2 Marketing strategies

  • Make marketing channels.
  • Adopt B2B model.

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(5). Problems in the cultivation of paddy straw mushroom

  • It is highly perishable.
  • Contamination.
  • Mushroom diseases.
  • Insect-pests of paddy straw mushroom

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