Ecology MCQ For Agriculture

Ecology mcq for agriculture Read first 25 free ecology mcq or ecology multiple choice objective questions. These questions are important for all agricultural students, especially for the students of B. Sc., Agriculture. Visit this page this page again for new questions. Name Ecology mcq: multiple choice questions Type Objective mcq Also read: Environmental science mcq… Continue reading Ecology MCQ For Agriculture

Mushroom Powder Buyers in India

Mushroom powder buyers in India What is mushroom powder? Mushroom powder is a processed product from the mushroom production units. Mushroom production, drying, and the making of mushroom powder is relatively easy. But the difficult task is to find buyers to sell it. Contents (1). Scope of mushroom powder business (2). Problems in finding a… Continue reading Mushroom Powder Buyers in India

Fish Farming Scheme Government

Fish Farming Scheme Government Fish farming is a very beneficial agribusiness. The return or outcome is very high if done in commercial scale. Although, it requires a huge investment for commercial fish farming, and it is necessary to seek outside support to do it in a large scale. This post ‘Fish Farming Scheme Government‘ describe… Continue reading Fish Farming Scheme Government

Drip irrigation government scheme

Drip irrigation government scheme Main post: Drip irrigation government scheme. Both the central and state government are working for the development of agriculture/horticulture and farmers. For this, they are making various schemes to support and benefit the farmers. Development of water resources is one of the major work from the government. Water resources, such as… Continue reading Drip irrigation government scheme

MCQ On Fruit Science

MCQ on fruit science Read very important mcq on fruit science. Visit answer key page to know right answer. These Multiple choice objective questions are important for major agricultural and horticultural entrance examinations, such as ICAR and State Agricultural University Common Entrance Test. Quiz Pomology multiple choice objective questions Type objective Also read: Pomology Multiple… Continue reading MCQ On Fruit Science

Important questions on vegetable science

Questions on vegetable science Read important questions on vegetable science or olericulture mcq. Quiz and online mock test on vegetable science. Horticulture multiple choice questions. Topics: Gherkin, tomato, cabbage, onion, broccoli, brinjal, tomato, carrot, rhubarb, sweet potato, leek, lettuce, chemical presents in vegetable crops, nutritional value, breeding in vegetable crops, cultivation practice of different vegetable… Continue reading Important questions on vegetable science

College of Agriculture Raipur (COA)

College of Agriculture Raipur COA, Raipur or College of Agriculture Raipur is an major agricultural college in the Indian state Chhattisgarh. It is one of the major educational hub in the field of agriculture. Contents (1). Basic information (2). History (3). Major objectives (4). Major faculties (5). Degree programme (6). Admission (7). IGKV CET 2021… Continue reading College of Agriculture Raipur (COA)

Veterinary officer: Eligibility, Works and Salary

Veterinary officer: Eligibility, Works and Salary A veterinary officer is a physician who has excellency in the filed of veterinary science. An animal’s doctor is known as veterinarian. The topics of this field are cattle diseases and its management, animals diseases and its management, and poultry diseases and its management. Contents (1). What are the… Continue reading Veterinary officer: Eligibility, Works and Salary

Important objective mcq on insecticides

Important objective mcq on insecticides Read objective mcq on insecticides. This post includes questions from organochlorides, organophosphates, carbamates, pyrethroids, neonicotinoids, insect growth regulators, biological pesticides, and others. Objective questions on insecticides Also read: Entomology Multiple Choice Questions and Answers Question 01. What is the mode of action of DDT? (a). DDT functions by opening sodium channels in… Continue reading Important objective mcq on insecticides