PAT: Pre Agriculture Test

PAT: Pre Agriculture Test

Main post: Pre Agricultural Test

Pre Agriculture Test or Pre Agricultural Test is also known as PAT. It is an entrance exam for agricultural students.

For: 12th students
Test for: B. Sc. Agriculture

(1). How difficult PAT is?
(2). Major subjects
(3). Criteria
(4). How to apply for PAT?
(5). How to prepare for this exam?
(6). Frequently Asked Questions

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(1). How difficult PAT is?

It is not a very difficult exam. The entrance exam is easily crackable.

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(2). Major subjects

  • Crop production.
  • Animal husbandry.
  • Elements of agricultural mathematics.

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Examples of topics

2.1 Crop production

(1). Basic knowledge of crop production.
(2). Cultivation practice of field crops such as rice, wheat, maize, sugarcane, barley, oat etc.
(3). Cultivation practice of fruit crops such as mango, banana, papaya, ber, amar, apple, pear, peach etc.
(4). Cultivation practice of vegetable crops such as potato, tomato, cole crops, radish, chilli etc.
(5). Cultivation of flower crops such as rose, marigold etc.
(6). Varieties of different crops.
(7). Management of diseases.
(8). Management of insect-pests.

2.2 Animal husbandry

Animal production

(1). Breeds of cattle.
(2). Breeds of buffalo.
(3). Breeds of goat.
(4). Breeds of sheep.
(5). Breeds of hen.
(6). Breeds of duck.
(7). Dairy farming.
(8). Making of ghee, cheese and other dairy products.
(9). Animal production.
(10. Farm Management

Poultry farming

(1). Breeds of poultry.
(2). Management of poultry house.
(3). Broiler farming.
(4). Egg production.
(5). Duck farming.
(6). Avian disease management.

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2.3 Elements of agricultural mathematics

(1). Mean.
(2). Mode.
(3). Median.
(4). Agricultural statisics.

(3). Criteria

(1). 12th with agriculture.
(2). 12th with science or biology.
(3). 12th with mathematics

3.1 12th from Agriculture

A student should have cleared 12th from agriculture. This includes following subject:

  • Crop production.
  • Animal husbandry.
  • Agricultural mathematics.

3.2 12th from science or biology

This includes following subjects:

  • Biology.
  • Chemistry.
  • Physics.

3.3 12th from mathematics

This includes following subjects:

  • Mathematics.
  • Chemistry.
  • Physics.

(4). How to apply for PAT?

Step 01

Clear 12th from one of the following subject:

  • Agriculture.
  • Science.
  • Mathematics.

Step 02

Wait for notification from Agricultural University of your respective State.

Note: Exam conducting body may be different. You should have knowledge about that.

For example: JNKV is Agricultural University in M. P., but PAT exam is conducted by MPVYAPAM.

Step 03

  • Fill the application form.
  • Download the syllabus.

Now prepare for the entrance exam.

(5). How to prepare for this exam?

Follow these options:

Option 01

Go to the following page > PAT Multiple Choice Questions for free online mock test.

Option 02

Subscribe us for better preparation.

Option 03

Buy a best book

(6). Frequently Asked Questions

Question 01. Is B. Sc. horticulture good?

Answer: Read about this question > Is B. Sc. horticulture good?

Question 02. Is B. Sc. Agriculture a good subject?

Answer: Read about this question > Is B. Sc. agriculture a good subject?

Question 03. Is PAT necessary for B. Sc. agriculture?

Answer: PAT is compulsory to get admission in B. Sc. Agriculture.

Question 04. Can I get admission in B. Sc. Agriculture with low marks?

Answer: Yes, but in a private agricultural college.

Question 05. Is coaching necessary for this exam?

Answer: No, coaching classes are not necessary for this exam.


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