Perennial Pigeon Pea Seeds: Redgram

Perennial Pigeon Pea Seeds: Redgram

Buy perennial pigeon pea seeds at Rs. 35.00. It is an original indigenous variety of perennial redgram. This species of redgram is very ideal for a kitchen garden.

Barahmasi arhar seeds (बारहमासी अरहर बीज).

Description: Perennial Pigeon Pea Seeds

From the top: 01. Seeds from a dried pod. 02. Seeds from a matured pod.
SoilAll types of soils
Tolerant toSterility mosaic
Resitant toWater scarcity
Pod sizeExtra large
CategoryOriginal indigenous variety
Quantity10 high quality seeds
Price35.00 INR + 70.00 INR shipping charge

The Perennial Pigeon Pea is a species of redgram or pigeon pea or arhar (अरहर in Hindi). It is different from the seasonal species of redgram. Being perennial in nature, the species is not grown in a large area or in commercial scale. Generally, it is grown in kitchen garden, home backyard, around a pond, field bunds etc. Like other pulse crops, it is rich in protein (Source: USDA).

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General information: Cajanus spp.

TypeAgronomy or field crop, perennial plant
Common NameRedgram, pigeon pea
Hindi Nameअरहर (arhar)
Scientific NameCajanus spp.
2nIt is diploid. 2n = 2× = 22.
OriginPeninsular India
Wild RelativeC. cajanifolia



  • Size of flowers: Larger than field pigeon pea.
  • Number of flowers: Per tree number of flowers is more.
  • Colour of flower: Same as annual pigeon pea.


  • Number of pods: Number of pods is more.
  • Colour of pod: The colour of pod is pink red or pinkish.
  • Size of pod: It is slightly bigger than the annual pigeon pea.


Tropical and subtropical. October is flowering season. Pods start developing in November. It is resistant to water scarcity.


Loam and sandy loam. Sandy loam is best soil. Don’t prefer a land which is being attacked by termites.


Indigenous pure variety of pigeon pea.

Seed Treatment

Chemical treatment: Carbendazim/thiram 2gm/kg of seed.

Organic treatment: Trichoderma viride 4gm/kg of seed.

Seed rate

Calculate the required amount of seeds according to the length of bunds. About 40-50 gm seeds is necessary for a 100 metre bund.

Crop protection


Redgram sterility mosaic: It is a common problem in pigeon pea. The disease is caused by redgram sterility mosaic virus.

Control: 1. Spot the plant for sterility mosaic. 2. Uproot the plant. 3. Destroy the plant.

Insects: Pod borer is a serious pest. It is Helicoverpa armigera. Use azadirachtin. It is a need based bio-pesticide @0.03%.

Nutritional disorders

Iron deficiency

Leaves become pale. It is different from the leaf yellowing which is caused by the deficiency of N.

Zinc deficiency

Midrib: Remains green.

Veins: Remain green.

Leaves: Stripped yellowing can be seen.

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