Photosynthesis One Liner

Photosynthesis one liner and important points

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Explanations: Important Points

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01: Photosynthesis take place in the chloroplast of a plant cell.

02: The process of photosynthesis is also known as carbon assimilation.

03: One molecule of glucose contains about 686 K calories.

04: Raw material for this process are as follows

  • Water
  • CO2

05: Hales explained the relationship between sunlight and leaves in 1727 for the first time.

07: Xanthophyll is a colour pigment. Petals of marigold are an excellent source of xanthophyll.

08: The location of photosynthetic pigment is the grana of chloroplast.

09: Chlorophylls absorb maximum light from violet blue and red of the colour spectrum.

10: The maximum absorption of chlorophyll ‘A’ occurs at 410 and 660nm.

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Plant photosynthesis

11: The maximum absorption of chlorophyll ‘A’ occurs at 452 and 642 nm.

13: In red drop, decrease in quantum yield is observed at wavelength greater than 680 nm.

15: Light reaction takes place in the presence of light in grana of the chloroplast. LR is faster than DR. The chlorophyll absorbs the light energy in LR.

16: The components of the photosytem I are as follows

  • Chlorophyll a 700 or P700
  • Chlorophyll a 670
  • Chlorophyll a 680
  • Chlorophyll a 695
  • Chlorophyll b
  • Carotenoids
  • P700 form of Chlorophyll a 

17: The other components of the photosytem II are as follows

  • Chlorophyll a 660
  • Chlorophyll a 670
  • Chlorophyll b
  • Phycobilins

20: In an oxygenic Photosynthesis, water is used as the electron donor.

22: Types of light dependent reactions are as follows

  • Cyclic
  • Non-cyclic

23: LHC stands for Light Harvesting Complex

25: Light-dependent reactions take place on the thylakoid membranes

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Light and dark reactions

26: Hill and Bendall proposed ‘Z-Scheme’.

27: The products of light reaction are as follows

  • ATP
  • O2

28: RuBisCO is the precursor of the Calvin cycle.

30: In Dark reaction or Calvin cycle, 18 ATP and 12 NADPH are consumed in the production of 1 glucose molecule.

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