Physiological Disorders of Flower Plants

Physiological Disorders of Flower Plants

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Multiple choice questions (Physiological Disorders of Flowers)

Question 01. Blind shoot is a physiological disorder of which flower plant?

(a). Rose. 
(b). Carnation.
(c). Dahlia.
(d). Gladiolus.

Question 02. To which disorder is the proliferation of petals in carnation related?

(a). Sleepiness.
(b). Curly tip.
(c). Calyx splitting.
(d). None of the above.

Question 03. What is the cause of no flower production in carnation?

(a). Curly tip.
(b). Grassiness.
(c). Sleepiness.
(d). Calyx splitting.

Question 04. Which is sensitive to ethylene?

(a). Rose.
(b). Orchid.
(c). Lily.
(d). Carnation.

Question 05. Which one is the effective management practice against the blind shoot of rose?

(a). Maintaining light intensity.
(b). Maintaining high CO2.
(c). Both a and b.
(d). Maintaining ethylene.

Question 06. Which is not a physiological disorder of chrysanthemum?

(a). Quilling of petals.
(b). Crooked neck.
(c). Bleached petals.
(d). Bud blast.

Question 07. Which is true about chrysanthemum?

(a). Bleached petals are caused by low temperature.
(b). Quilling of petal is caused by high temperature.
(c). Bleached petals are caused by high temperature.
(d). Quilling of petals due to high storage temperature.

Question 08. In which flower plant is the bud blast a problem?

(a). Lilly.
(b). Alstromeria.
(c). Both a and b.
(d). Chrysanthemum.

Question 09. Which element is the cause of deficiency symptom of leaf scorch in lily?

(a). Cu.
(b). Ca.
(c). Iron.
(d). Zn.

Question 10. Which one is another name of the Topple of Lily?

(a). Bud rot.
(b). Bract bud.
(c). Blind bud.
(d). Bud blast.

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Question 11. To which plant is the fluoride injury related?

(a). Carnation.
(b). Gerbera.
(c). Chrysanthemum.
(d). Gladiolus.

Question 12. Which is a sensitive variety to fluoride injury?

(a). Tropic sea.
(b). Snow princess.
(c). Priscilla.
(d). Indrani.

Question 13. To which flower plant is the dry sepal injury specific?

(a). Anthurium.
(b). Aster.
(c). Orchids.
(d). Lily.

Question 14. Crown buds and bract buds are disorders of which one of the following?

(a). Chrysanthemum.
(b). Jasmine.
(c). Carnation.
(d). Rose.

Question 15. Negative geotropism is a physiological disorder of which flower plant?

(a). Gladiolus.
(b). Rose.
(c). Chrysanthemum.
(d). Orchids.

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