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(01).PGR MCQ: Plant Growth Regulators (Phytohormones)01
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(01). PGR MCQ: Plant Growth Regulators (Phytohormones)

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  1. d. 2. c. 3. a. 4. d. 5. d.
  2. c. 7. d. 8. a. 9. a. 10. b.
  3. b. 12. c. 13. b. 14. c. 15. d.
  4. a. 17. a. 18. d. 19. c. 20. a.
  5. c. 22. d. 23. d. 24. b. 25. a


PGR MCQ: Plant Growth Regulators (Phytohormones)

PGR: Plant Growth Regulators. It is also known as Plant Hormones. Auxin, cytokinin, gibberllin, etc., are growth hormones. ABA is a growth retardant hormone.

Avena Curvature Test: Avena Curvature Test or ACT is a bioassay. It is related to auxin. It measures the angle of curvature of a decapitated coleoptile.

2, 4-D: 2, 4-D belongs to auxin. It is used as a herbicide to kill broad-leaves weeds. It acts as plant growth regulator at low concentrations.

Apical dominance: In apical dominance, the growth of terminal portion is dominated by the plant growth regulator auxin.

Seed dormancy: Some seeds require dormancy for a certain period of time. Germination won’t take place during dormancy. Gibberllin is a strong and most used plant growth regulator to break the dormancy of seeds.

ABA: ABA or Abscisic acid is an anti plant growth regulator. It supress the growth and development of a plant. We can use it to develop a bonsai.