Pomology (Mango): Questions and Answers

This page entitled ‘Pomology (Mango): Questions and Answers‘ includes important questions from mango cultivation with one liner answers. These are the questions with One Liner Answers. All are very important for different Agricultural Entrance Exams. Questions and Answers in this post include questions from Mango Cultivation Practice.

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1. Part 01 Pomology (Mango): Questions and Answers
2.Part 02: Pomology MCQ

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Part 01

Pomology (Mango): Questions and Answers

Question 01. Scientific name of mango is?

Answer: Mangifera indica L.

Question 02. The family of mango is?


Question 03. The origin place of mango is?

Answer: It is Indo-Burma region.

Question 04. What is the chromosome number of mango?

Answer: The 2n of mango is 40.

Question 05. Which type of fruit mango is?

Answer: It is a climacteric drupe fruit.

Question 06. The approach and epicotyl grafting are practiced in..?

Answer: Young or seedlings of mango.

Question 07. What is te planting density in mango in high density planting?

Answer: It is 5 × 5 m, 400 plants/ha.

Question 08. The graft union must be .. cm above the ground level?

Answer: 15 cm above from ground level.

Question 09. Which is the suitable variety of mango for HDP?

Answer: Amrapali.

Question 10. The sweetest variety of mango is?

Answer: It is chausa.

Question 11. Which is the most efficient system of irrigation in HDP in mango?

Answer: Drip irrigation system.

Question 12. Judicious pruning is practiced during..?

Answer: During the months of August – September.

Question 13. In commercial cultivation of mango, flowering should be allowed after..?
Answer: 3 years.

Question 14. What is the effect of paclobutrazol in mango?

Answer: It induces flowering and fruitset yield during off years.

Question 15. Nut weevil is a pest of..?

Answer: It is pest of mango.

Question 16. The most important post-harvest disease of mango is?

Answer: Anthracnose and stalk end-rot.

Question 17. Red rust is a disease of mango which primarily affects..?

Answer: Mango leaf.

Question 18. Mango is a rich source of..?

Answer: Vitamin A and C.

Question 19. Which three species of mango is found in India?

Answer: Mangifera indica, M. sylvatica and M. coloneura.

Question 20. Which is wild species of mango?

Answer: It is M. sylvatica.

Question 21. The growth habit of inflorescence of M. indica is?

Answer: It is terminal growth habit.

Question 22. Mango flower is..?

Answer: Mango flower is hermaphrodite.

Question 23. Which is edible part of mango?

Answer: Mesocarp.

Question 24. In which variety of mango beak is very prominent?

Answer: The beak of fruits of langra variety is very prominent.

Question 25. Which types of mango plants have more hermaphrodite flowers?

Answer: grafted mangoes have more hermaphrodite flowers than seedling mangoes.

Part 02: Pomology multiple choice questions


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