Post Harvest Technology MCQ: Quiz 01

Post Harvest Technology MCQ

This page includes multiple choice objective questions from post harvest technology.

QuizPost harvest technology mcq
TypeMultiple choice objective questions
Major subjectPHT
Number of questions 35

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Post harvest technology mcq

Question 01. Which group of the microorganism converts sugar into alcohal?

(a). Mold
(b). Yeast
(c). bacteria
(d). All of the above

Question 02. Who gave the membrane lipid hypothesis?

(a). Raison and Lyons
(b). Graham and Patterson
(c). Kidd and West
(d). James and Harrison

Question 03. What should be the proportion in preserve fruit?

(a). 35%
(b). 55%
(c). 65%
(d). 15%

Question 04. What is critical point?

(a). Dried product becomes hard
(b). Dried product becomes soft
(c). Dried product becomes lumpy
(d). None of the above

Question 05. The reading of jelmeter is 3/4, how much sugar would you add?

(a). 0.5 kg
(b). 0.75 kg
(c). 1 kg
(d). 1.25

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Question 06. What is RH at danger point?

(a). 5% low RH than the critical point
(b). 10% low RH than the critical point
(c). 7% low RH than the critical point
(d). 3% low RH than the critical point

Question 07. What is the duration of quick freezing?

(a). 20 minute for 0-4 °C
(b). 10 minute for 0-4 °C
(c). 5 minute for 0-4 °C
(d). 30 minute for 0-4 °C

Question 08. At what temperature is lye peeling done?

(a). 60 °C
(b). 93 °C
(c). 85 °C
(d). None of the above

Question 09. Which of the following annual is suitable for dry flowers?

(a). Helichrysum
(b). Holly hock
(c). Corn flower
(d). Ice plant

Question 10. Which is considered as colour?

(a). Black
(b). Yellow
(c). Orange
(d). Green

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PHT Quiz

Question 11. What should be the acid content of nector?

(a). 0.3%
(b). 0.5%
(c). 0.4%
(d). None of the above

Question 12. Of which is the black neck a problem?

(a). Tuberose
(b). Apple
(c). Sauce
(d). Pickle

Question 13. To which fruit crops is bitter pit related?

(a). Pear
(b). Peach
(c). Plum
(d). Apple

Question 14. What is the commercial peeling method in carrot?

(a). Lye peeling
(b). Hand peeling
(c). Mechanical peeling
(d). Steam peeling

Question 15. What is the cause of red colour of jelly?

(a). Acid
(b). Pectin
(c). Charring sugar
(d). None of the above

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Horticulture MCQ

Question 16. What is the carbohydrate content in potato?

(a). 22%
(b). 25%
(c). 30%
(d). 40%