Pot vegetable farming

What is pot vegetable farming?

Pot is a type of container which is used for growing ornamental plants. Plastic, cement, and earthen pots are the three types of pots.
Pot vegetable farming is a new concept of vegetable growing in which different vegetables such as tomato, brinjal, chilli, okra, etc., are grown in a pot.

(1). Importance
(2). Selection of pots
(3). Preparation of soil media
(4). Procedure of potting
(5). Raising of nursery
(6). Planting
(7). Management practices
(8). Harvesting
(9). Repotting
(10). Drawbacks

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(1). Importance

  • Water management.
  • Weed management.
  • Nutrient management.
  • Preparation of soil.

1.1: Water management

  • Water management becomes easy.
  • Installation of irrigation system is necessary.
  • Water use efficiency is high.
  • Hence, it is possible when water available is low.

1.2: Weed management

  • Management of weed becomes easy.
  • Appearance of weed is specific to a location.
  • Emergence of weed is very low.
  • No weedicide is necessary.
  • Hand weeding is sufficient.

1.3: Nutrient management

  • Nutrient management is relatively easy.
  • Per pot requires small amount of nutrients.
  • Application of nutrients is easy through fertigation method.

1.4: Preparation of soil

  • Soil preparation becomes very easy.
  • We have to prepare soil media.

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(2). Selection of pots

  • Size should be uniform.
  • It should be strong.
  • Any type of pot should be resistant to heat.
  • Pot should be intact.
  • It should have small holes at bottom.
  • Size of the pot shoud be considered.

(3). Preparation of soil media

Components of soil media are as follows:

  • Garden soil.
  • Sand.
  • Farm yard manure.

Ratio of the components should 2:1:1

  • Garden soil:  2 parts
  • Sand: 1 part
  • Farm yard manure: 1 part

Mix all the components thoroughly.

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(4). Procedure of potting

  • Method 01: Place each pot at previously marked spots, then fill it with soil media.
  • Method 02: Fill the pots using soil media, then place it at previously marked spot.
  • Fill 3/4 parts of a pot with soil media.

(5). Raising of nursery

  • Make a raised nursery.
  • Sow the seed of plants at least one month before transplanting.

(6). Planting

  • Transplant 30 to 40 days old plant.
  • Plants should have 3 to 4 leaves.

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(7). Management practices

7.1: Installation of irrigation system

  • Use drip irrigation system.

7.2: Weed management

  • Apply hand weeding.

7.3: Nutrient management

  • Apply it through drip system.

(8). Harvesting

  • Don’t damage the pots during harvesting.

(9). Repotting

  • Do it again for new crop.
  • Follow the same procedure.

(10). Drawbacks

  • Initial cost is high.
  • Repotting is necessary.
  • Physical damages requires reinvestment.

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